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    Great because you are here! And Jailbreak Square blog should be your reference if looking for jailbreaking, unlocking or downgrading your iOS device. All related to Apple and its products will be discussed here in layman terms.


    In Jailbreak Square you will find consecutive posts related to jailbreak, unlock and downgrade iOS firmware based devices like iPhone, iPad and also iPod Touch. The topic is also enriched with promoting tweaks from Cydia that are useful for fun or optimizing the iDevices performance. Since there is Cydia tweaks, won't be fair if we don't take applications listed in App Store along. Yes you will find the apps from Apple official apps market place too.

    Aside for optimizing and tweaking iOS firmware devices, Jailbreak Square also wider its reach by touching the topics containing tutorials to maximum Mac computer and Mac OS X ability and performances. Therefore Mac users, you will be helped too.

    Jailbreak Square blog was initially published at October, 17, 2012, since then we discuss nothing except Apple and its products. And we will keep on that road in the future to come. And it does take efforts and time, but we try hard to fulfill it.

    What is the purposes of the Jailbreak Square blog?

    In overall, I have listed amount of purposes why I decided to create this blog.
    • Helping iOS based device's users to find tutorials to improve their devices and increase the experience of using them with tutorials like jailbreak, unlock, downgrade, etc. Both official and unofficial operations to be applied on your device can be found here.
    • Helping iOS device users to find interesting yet very handy applications and tweaks for their devices. Of course the apps from Cydia and Apple App Stores will be informed here, only those apps I found worthy enough to be promoted here.
    • Also for Mac OS users, you will also find serial of information to help you do things to your Mac computer powered with the Apple official operating system.
    • And to satisfy my hobby to write and blogging about technology.
    • To make money via blogging.
    And keep in mind I am not affiliated to any products (especially to apps or tweaks) I inform on this blog. That's all the purposes of Jailbreak Square.

    Who is the author of Jailbreak Square blog?

    Ahmad Idrus
    Hey, it's me Ahmad Idrus, a founder of Jailbreak Square living in the very comfortable area in the eastern part of Jakarta, currently has a one very beautiful daughter and a wife that I love so much.

    My hobby is many, one of which is writing stuffs on blogs, and the topic I write is simply relating to technology. And I am also a user of this man-made technologies that help me undergo my daily lives and also tasks.

    And Jailbreak Square is the media I use to share of what I know, learn and expert about things related to Apple products. Hope you will find each post here useful for you.

    You can connect me via Twitter also read this blog via Feedburner if you like.

    Thank you very much for your visit. Hope to see you again soon. See you again.

    Ahmad Idrus.


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