How To Save iPhone Files To DropBox

This is the instructions I recently used that I regard very useful for me and I believe will be useful for you too. It's the tutorials to save our iOS device data such as photos, files, etc to DropBox. This is a very good if we want to save our device's space and keep our precious data to very secure storage.

I have sent so many files stored on my iPhone to DropBox, the transferring process was so easy and simple but it's worth the effort.

Because of that I decided to share the entire steps on this blog, who knows someone land on this post might find it useful.
How To Save iPhone Files To DropBox

Okey without further ado, let's get into the full instructions to save our iOS device's data to DropBox.


What is Dropbox

It's simply a cloud storage service like iCoud for desktop platform, and in here you are given with abilities to create, rename and also share folders. This is a very nice service and if you haven't used it then you should give it a try.

Save iPhone photos to Dropbox

Step 1 -- You can easily transfer your iPhone's photos to DropBox. Just create a folder that includes photos you want to save to DropBox. Then click Plus icon menu on the lower bard and then select Upload Photos from the menu.

Transfer iPhone Photos To DropBox

Step 2 -- Choose the photos from the gallery to be transferred to the DropBox folder. To be faster, you can choose the arrow beside the album title to get the entire albums. This action will transfer a selected folders or all folders to be transferred to DropBox.

Backup iPhone Photos To DropBox

Transfer files from iCloud to Dropbox

Aside Photos, you can also save number of various file types to be saved to DropBox such as PowerPoint presentation or Word documents from iCloud to DropBox.

If your files are supported then you will find a preview of the file in iCloud.

Step 1 -- To transfer the files from iCloud to DropBox simply click the Plus icon again, but then choose Create or Upload File from the appearing menu.

Save iCloud Files To DropBox

Step 2 -- On the next window just choose Upload File then you will find the iCloud Drive option. You need to choose the files you wish to save to DropBox.

Transfer iCloud Files To DropBox

Once all your files transferred to DropBox then a backup will be created there. If you have any question then you use the comment area to ask me. I will do the best I can to answer your question.

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