How To Reset Apple ID Security Questions

The security technology is growing fast from time to time. Because bad guys are getting smart to which force the smart device manufacturers such as Apple to do its best to keep their products as secure as possible.

Apple has increased their level of security for ensuring their users that their products are strongly protected with high-level of security technology.

One thing that attackers targeting is Apple ID, it's the account we use to access iTunes and other Apple products. Once they have our Apple ID credentials then we are in their mercy.

Change Apple ID Reset Security Questions

But there is a condition we forget our Apple ID security questions. This is due to human nature to forget something albeit they could be very important. The reason we may forget our Apple ID password security questions could be because we set the hard to remember questions.

Please also read how to reset Apple ID password.

So on this post, I suggest you to reset your Apple ID security questions into questions that you can easily remember.

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So to avoid forgetting your Apple ID security questions, the solution we are offering is to change your question security password. The steps are as follow.

How to change / reset Apple ID Security Questions

Step 1 -- Use your computer to log into your Apple ID from this URL.

Step 2 -- Then enter your Apple ID, it's your email and the password of your Apple ID.

Change Apple ID Security Questions

Step 3 -- Now on the provided form select Reset Security Questions.

Reset Security Questions On Apple ID
Step 4 -- Then enter your Security Questions in order continuing to reset your Apple ID Security Questions.

Reset Security Questions

Step 5 -- On the Reset Security Questions window you can change your questions 1, 2 and 3 with the answers for each questions as well.

Apple ID Reset Security Questions

Step 6 -- Done because you have changed your Apple ID Security Questions. But make sure to change into the questions that easy to remember.

Aren't those pretty simple steps to follow, are they? But if you have any questions then please to reveal them on the provided comment area and I will be glad to answer your queries the best I can.

Solution if you can't reset your security questions

In case you are unable to reset your Apple ID security questions and don't have a rescue email or you can't simply accessing email at rescue email, then you can contact Apple. This action requires you to make a temporary support PIN in order to verify your identity. Once you've resetted your security questions, you better update your rescue email too.

If you frequently fill the incorrect answer for security questions then the system will temporary block your access. You need to wait for sometimes.

Source Apple Support Site.

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