How To Install PWA App On iOS iPhone (Complete Instructions)

How To Install PWA App On iOS iPhone

Both iPhone and iPad still requires their users to install native applications that can be taken from App Store. Various kind of Progressive Web Apps or PWA for iOS still haven't been presented on App Store.

But don't worry because now Safari has supported the Progressive Web App (PWA) technology. That means you can simply visit the Progressive Web App supported website to feel the same experience like using app.

For those who don't know about PWA, it's the technology that allows users to access a website with the feel like using native app. PWA application delivers a better experience compared a general website.

One example is If you open it through web browser, then you will find the interface and experience that look like a general Twitter Like app.

Albeit the PWA app has not made available yet on App Store, but don't worry because you can use Safari Web Browser then you will still be enjoying the PWA app on iPhone and iPad. You can also pin PWA app from Home Screen as if you have installed the app on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

How to install PWA app on iPhone and iPad

Here is the complete instructions to install PWA app on iOS based iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Step 1 -- Open any web sites support PWA from your iPhone or iPad. One of them is Mobile Twitter such this.

Mobile. Twitter iOS

Step 2 -- Now open Action menu then choose Add to Home Screen.

Twitter Add To Home Screen iOS

Step 3 -- Type the PWA app interface name that you want to show on your iOS Home Screen. For example Twitter Lite app.

Install PWA App iPhone 1

Step 4 -- Once done, you will see an icon like Native app on your iOS Home Screen.

Install PWA App iPhone

In case you want to delete the app, do so like you delete any iOS app in general.

Delete PWA App iOS

Well done because now you can access any websites that support PWA faster and easier. Apple does need to present a solution to install PWA app from App Store. Some of the company competitors such as Google and Microsoft have implemented this featgure on their App Stores.

Still no official report from Apple whether the company will provide this feature or when it will. But one thing for sure, you now have a way to access PWA app directly from your Safari browser on your iPhone and iPad.

So guys, did you find this tutorial useful to install PWA app on your iPhone and iPad? If so please tell your friends about this.

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