How To Disable App Review Request On iOS iPhone

Permanently Disable App Review Request And In App Rating On iOS
Something that bothers us about the installed iOS app on our device is their nature to ask for review about our experience using it through app review request and in-app ratings. This is actually a good way dedicated solely to improve the app through our feedback.

However things can be bothersome when we are in the middle of something such as playing game that grabbing our attentions to focus on it. The pop-ups suddenly appear from app developers that consequently interrupt our excitements to simply asking us to fill our positive feedback.

Luckily by the release of iOS 11 it comes with a functionality to disable such interruptions, as the result you will be totally freed from app feedbacks review pop-ups.

Well disabling process is so simple and take a short road, below is the whole process for you to follow in disabling app review request and in-app ratings.

How to disable app review request and in-app ratings on iOS

Head to Settings -> iTunes & App Store, then you can toggle OFF the the In-App Ratings & Review option.
How to disable app review request and in-app ratings

However if you are kind of iOS users that love to bring more improvements on the apps you like then you can leave the option  on or as it is.  To be frank the existance of this stuff help the developers on better improve their apps to meet users expectations.

So the choice is in your hand -- if you want to contribute your opinion then leave it as is, or if not because it's causing the awful interruptions then disable it easily through the steps compiled on this post. This can be applied on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running on iOS 11 and above.

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