How To Change Wallpaper Of WhatsApp Chat

Our eyes tend to see something dynamic to which we expect not to see the same view over and over. This applies to anything, especially to a thing we regularly interact with, such as WhatsApp.

We use this app everyday for work, chat with family and friends, and any kind of either text or voice interactions. For sure we don't pass the day without opening the app.

But every time we engaging chat on WhatsApp, we encounter the same old view, the WhatsApp chat wallpaper. Sometime we expect it's our photos as the wallpaper or any photos we've stored on our iOS device.

So the question is, can we change the wallpaper for WhatsApp chat? The answer is yes we can. Isn't that great?

Actually it's not going to be a jailbreaking activity or flashing a Cydia, instead the WA chat wallpaper changing ability is provided and available within the app -- only it's hidden to which we don't notice its existence.

But worry not, I will guide you to find the utility. Let's roll then!

Open your WhatsApp then head to Settings → Chats → Chat Wallpaper → choose “Wallpaper Libary”, “Solid Colors” or “Photos”.

Not too clear? Then see the following guiding image.

How To Change Wallpaper Of WhatsApp Chat

Now you see where it's and what to do. It's time to find out what more can you do with this utility.

You can download images / photos to be your WhatsApp chat background from the internet -- they usually provide the optimized wallpaper for WA. But halt yourself! You need to also know that you can take photos as background from your camera, gallery or images stored on your iOS device.

You simply need to tap on Photos from your iOS device then find the photos inside the folders you wish, then see a preview. Then tap Set if you are sure that's the photo you like to be your WhatsApp chat wallpaper.


In case nothing stored in your gallery or camera roll app is qualified to be the wallpaper, then no worry you can search from Google image search to find the best image for you. But remember you need to also consider the resolutions of the image whether it's match with your iPhone models.

There are HD and non-HD image can be downloaded and yes, they are all great images.

WhatsApp wallpaper in HD

So what do you think? Do you like your new and shiny wallpaper for your WhatsApp chat? Tell me your experience on the provided comment area guys.

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