Fix Apple ID Error While Opening App In 25PP

How to install cracked apps without jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can be done using 25PP app that of course have been discussed widely on internet, but unfortunately some users experiencing an Apple ID error while trying to open an app installed via 25PP app.

It is easy to deal with the situation and can be done quickly by syncing your iOS device in 25PP app. This are the steps to deal with Apple ID error on 25PP app.

  1. Connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your computer using an existing USB cable.
  2. Now open the 25PP app.
  3. Click the Apple button on the left side menu.
    Fix Apple ID Error When Opening App
  4. Now choose the right side button to sync your Apple ID so it won't experience error while opening an app installed using 25PP.
    Fix Apple ID Error
  5. Just want to be clearer, see the following image, do it guys.
    Fix Apple ID Error While Opening App In 25PP
  6. Once you finished syncing between your Apple ID and the app, you can now open your favorite app.
  7. Finish.
That's how to fix the error on Apple ID in 25pp quickly. So do you have a question concerning this issue? Don't be a stranger to reveal it on the provided comment box below. Hope this post useful for you and for all your friends.

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