Enable Screen Recording While Listening Music On Apple Music In iOS 11.3

Enable Screen Recording With Music On Apple Music

Since the iOS 11.3 update we've found the unpleasant reality that Apple has closed the screen recording feature in Apple Music. So we can't no longer be able to record any screen activities while listening music from Apple Music.

On our test we've discovered that this condition doesn't apply to other applications such as Youtube or Vox Music Player.

Then we made a little research and discovered a new technique to solve the problem.

And our recent finding reveals a new delighted method that makes us able to make screen recording on iOS 11.3 while listening sound from Apple Music.

The technique takes a very easy process, however it requires our concentration.

So here is the full instructions and you are invited to follow.

How to enable Screen Recording + music from Apple Music on iOS 11.x

Step 1 -- Find the Music app from Background -- Press Home button for 2 times or swipe to top on your iPhone X's screen.

Step 2 -- Turn off the Music app from background.

Step 3 -- Now activate Screen Recording feature from your Control Center or AssitiveTouch.

Enable Screen Recording With Music On Apple Music iOS 11

Step 4 -- Now you can start recording, open Music app then find the content you would like to listen then tap on Play.

Step 5 -- Once done, end the recording process only if you think it's enough by pressing Screen Recording button from Control Center.

Step 6 -- Done guys.

We have tested this workaround for a few times even after doing force restart the results are still the same, the sound from Apple Music still can be recorded pretty well and didn't encounter any issues at all.

Interested to give it a try? Please follow the instructions and tell us what you think.

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