This Is How To Download Data From Instagram

This Is How To Download Data From Instagram

If you regard all data you have stored on Instagram are precious then you might want to be informed about this news. Instagram recently took the same step of its companion app -- Facebook -- allowing its users to download their data. That means you will have an offline copy of your Instagram data.

The company is now providing a new tool that was released and announced at April, giving the users an ability to download their entire data -- such as your profile information, comments, messages and so on.

With this functionality then we can finally know what things Facebook / Instagram has collected about ourselves.

How to Download Your Instagram Data from PC

Let's us now head to this page to further accessing the tool to download our data. But remember, before requesting download you need to firstly confirm the email ID and the your Instagram account password -- this step to make sure it's really you requesting the download.

Download Instagram Data 1

Once don, you can now press the Request Download button. Now you will receive an email containing a link to download your data. The arriving of the email can take up to 48 hours to reach your Inbox. So patient is gold.

Download InstagRam Data

One more thing you should also know, that Instagram is now doing its best to provide the same ability on the mobile device. That means through your mobile handset you can download your data by going to the Privacy Option.

Well what is your impression with this tool? Feeling it's useful or not?

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