Path 6.1 Released: Now You Can Make Your Account Public

If right now you know Path is just a private social media, then you will be surprised with the recent update. Recently Path pushed out an update that is armed with new features. It is in version 6.1 now and provided for free.

The version 6.1 comes with Public feature. With this update you are given with an option to set your account to be a Public Account. That means people can see what you share and not only that they can also follow your account using the Follow feature to enjoy everything you share and get inspiration with it guys.

Let's read the description log from the developer.

With our latest Path update, now anyone can be a source of inspiration. Whether it's through beautiful photography or creative videos, you can create public moments to share your unique perspective.

How to set your Path account to be a Public account

How to turn your account into a Public Account is also very easy. Firstly you need to update your existing Path version to the latest version and afterward go to the Moments tab - Settings - Accept Followers. After that create an ID that you will use as Public Account as the main identifier.

No need to fear about the privacy stuff and your personal data such as note, photos, videos or writing that you previously created. All the data is still stored as a private profile that can only be seen by your friends in Path.

Even after using the Public Account, you can still choose to share new Moments in Path in some options. Public, Friends, Private or Inner Circle. For the record, Path also provides a Certified Accounts label in yellow for a usable account or community that has already received a verification mark from Path.
Path 6.1 Released Now You Can Make Your Account Public

In addition to the new features above, Path also provides improvements in other parts. That is Coverstory mode with new privacy settings, Like and send a reply message and upload video mode up to 20 seconds. Yes, long course compared to the previous mode is very short yes!

Download Path · Price: Free.

So what is your impression after using the Path 6.1? Do you like it?

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