How To Install vShare On Computer

vShare is basically an iOS app that you can use to install apps that have already underwent the crack processes. In the past to install vShare on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad required you to firstly perform jailbreak.

But now...Thank God...It doesn't require anymore.

On this post you will be guided to install the vShare without the need of jailbreak. Why that's possible? Because vShare for desktop computer is already available.

So the process is simply install vShare on our computer and then connect our iOS based devices to PC that's already have vShare installed and then just select the apps you wish to install on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Without further ado, let's do it, guys.

How to install vShare on computer

  1. First thing first, download the vShare Helper, to do so just visit its official website here. And then click the Download button on the sidebar. Wait for the downloading processes to finish.
    How To Install vShare On Computer To Install Apps Games
  2. Install vShare Helper on your computer now. The installing process is similar like you install any other software on your PC.
    Install vShare On PC

    Install vShare Helper On Computer
  3. Once the installations are done, just connect your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to your computer.
  4. vShare Helper will automatically detect your iOS device to the details. For the first time use of this app, then you will find the detecting period a bit longer, therefore just be patient guys.
    vShare Detect iPhone iPod Touch iPad
  5. Now choose the Apps tab to find and search the apps or games you wish to download and install to your iOS based device guys.
  6. Be sure your internet connection works well, and the downloading processes can be viewed on the bar located below the software interface or on the Download tab.
    Download Games Apps vShare Helper To iPhone iPod Touch iPad
  7. If the downloading processes done you can select the Downloads tab, then choose the Completed menu to see all the apps or games you have successfully downloaded. Just click the Install button for the app or game to be installed to your iOS device.
    How To Install vShare On Computer

Also read how to install vShare on iPhone without jailbreak.

Do you have any questions regarding the tutorials to install vShare Helper on computer? Then reveal your queries on the provided comment area. Hope you find this post useful and tell your friends about this post guys.

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