Fix iTunes Error 17 For Windows And Mac

If you are now being bothered with iTunes error 17 then you are on the right place, because we are offering the potent fix for you.

The iTunes 17 error usually appears while we are trying to either upgrading or restoring our iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Apple TV using computer and our PC has an issue connecting to Apple owned server.

The causes that trigger this issue may be vary and happens during our attempt to update or restore our device via iTunes or could be because using firmware IPSW fetched directly on Apple.

And iTunes 17 error is in the same category as iTunes error 3194; device isn't eligible build message. As the 3194, the error 17 comes because of the direct internet connectivity problem on Windows PC. Could be due to a Wi-Fi issue such as failed DHCP assingment, or firewall restrictions.

So it's recommended for you in order to avoid this kind of issue to appear by updating your iOS using OTA update directly from your device. This move will omit any possible errors from iTunes as this technique doesn't require a computer for iOS updating purpose.

How to fix iTunes error 17 for Windows and Mac computer

Well my friend you will find all the solutions I can offer to fix the error 17 on your iTunes. The solutions are based on your operating system whether it's Windows or Mac based personal computer. Hope it works.

Update iTunes to the latest Version to fix iTunes error 17

Updating iTunes can be a solution to deal with iTunes error 17, therefore check your existing iTunes version if it's obsolete, then you need to update it in order to smoothly update your iOS version using iTunes.

For Windows. Modify host file to fix iTunes error 17

  1. On your computer close iTunes if it's opening.
  2. Now find your host file on this locations.
    1. Directory /etc/hosts for Mac OS X :
    2. Directory c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts for Windows
  3. Open the host file using Notepad. Edit the file by adding the following line on the last.
    For Windows. Modify host file to fix iTunes error 17
  4. Once done, just save the notepad.
  5. Now connect your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to computer.
  6. Then open iTunes.
  7. Enter to the DFU mode.
  8. Then make an update or restore toward your iOS version.
Note. if you have done with updating or restoring your iOS version. It's advised to remove from your host file.

For Mac. Modify your host file to fix iTunes error 17

  1. You need to check your host file, reset it and then add connection between your computer and Apple Server.
  2. On Mac computer. Launch Application -> Utilities.
  3. Then click Terminal to launch it.
  4. Now type the following command.
    sudo nano /private/etc/hosts
  5. Now press return to execute the command. Type the hidden text in password to unlock Mac screen or account.
  6. You will see host file on screen.
  7. Now change the host file.
  8. Add the following information to your host file.
    For Mac. Modify your host file to fix iTunes error 17
  9. Then save it by pressing control + O, then press return.
  10. Then restart your Mac computer then try to restore your iOS using iTunes.
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Well done my friend because you have successfully fixed the iTunes error 17 on your Windows or Mac computer. See you again on the next posts. Ok.

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