How To Install Pokemon Go++ 1.3.1 IPA On iPhone Without Jailbreak

Hei guys I would like to share a great information to you which is how to install Pokemon Go++ on iOS iPhone without jailbreak. Surely you have heard the hacked version of Pokemon Go which is offering some great things absent on the original game.

Now we can bring the version to the iPhone or iPad without the need to firstly jailbreak our iOS device. How we do it? It is easy. By the help of Cydia Impactor, then we can side-load the IPA file of Pokemon Go++ to be regarded as the official version.

So jailbreak is not required at all.

By that the Pokemon Go++ can smoothly run on our iPhone or iPad without us need to jailbreak it.

But remember that using Pokemon Go++ could jeopardize your Pokemon Go credentials for being blocked by the official game developer.
How To Install Pokemon Go++ 1.3.1 IPA On iPhone Without Jailbreak
  • A computer based on Windows or Mac OS X.
  • iPhone or iPad that uses iOS 9 or newer version.
  • A new version of iTunes.

How to install Pokemon Go++ 1.3.1 IPA On iPhone Without Jailbreak

  1. In case your device has Pokemon Go then I want you to uninstall it. Skip this step if you have or never have Pokemon Go.
  2. Now you need to install Cydia Impactor to your PC grab it from (Using this tool the IPA files will be signed as official and sideload to your device).
  3. After that, now you need to download the Pokemon Go++ 1.3.1 Hacked IPA from here.
  4. You need to plug your iOS device to computer now using a USB cable.
  5. Open Cydia Impactor you previously downloaded from PC, drag the hacked IPA file of Pokemon Go++ 1.3.1 and drop it to the Cydia impactor interface.
  6. You need to fill your valid Apple ID accounts such as email and password on this phase. Make sure it's an active account you are using on your iOS device.
  7. When an Apple Developer Warning appear just select Ok to continue.
    Apple Developer Warrning
  8. Now on your iOS device Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management.
  9. Now tap Trust “[Apple ID]” and tap on Trust again on a popup screen.
  10. You are need just need to wait because the installation process begins.
  11. Once it's fully complete, go to Pokem++ and launch it.
Well done my friend because now you can play Pokemon Go++ anytime you want on your non-jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

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