Update To Cydia 1.1.19 It Can Run As Mobile Now

Today Jay Freeman (aka "saurik") and his known company, SaurikIT has released an update to their app directory for jailbroken iOS device, Cydia 1.1.19 that brings a big and anticipated change. From now Cydia can run as mobile not just root.

The meaning of the Cydia mobile ability is all the tweaks that use Cydia Substrate to modify some parts on apps or iOS can now have the ability to modify Cydia itself.

This move is now giving a bigger chance for the tweaks developers to customize the interface / design and experience of Cydia. Because any customization or alternation made to iOS or apps you've installed will be effecting to Cydia look.

Cydia Version 1.1.19
Below is a short changelogs, explaining the changes to us.

Cydia Substrate Compatibility: Cydia now runs as “mobile” instead of “root”. This means that Cydia Substrate extensions (tweaks) can now modify Cydia, just like those tweaks modify other apps and iOS.
So once you have installed this version of Cydia, a great surprise you will see on the tweaks installed are now able to modify Cydia performance. For example, if you flash a tweak for your keyboard's improvements, the tweak will also improve Cydia's keyboard too.

Bugs could happen though, for example a tweak that's not being tested and updated to this version will effect to Cydia as well, like the existence of odd color to a piece of text, etc. Therefore your patience is required to wait the developers working to get their tweaks supporting the Cydia v1.1.19.

And if those bugs are bothering you too much like creating instability to Cydia and etc, of course you can uninstall the tweaks and wait for its upcoming updates.

How to update to Cydia latest version

  1. Grab your already jailbroken iOS devices then turn it on.
  2. Open Cydia, then wait for it's showing up completely.
  3. Then tap the Changes tab -> Refresh button.
  4. Again wait for the message saying Essential Upgrade from Cydia.
  5. Just tap the Complete Upgrade menu then wait the downloading and installing procedures to complete entirely.
    Update Cydia Essential Upgrade iOS
When the upgrading process done, your device finished rebooting, your device now having a shinny Cydia 1.1.19 that can run as mobile.

About iOS jailbreak.
Hope this post is useful for you.

Update if you experience tweaks or packages are gone, just go to this solution; How To Fix Disappearing Cydia Tweaks After Cydia 1.1.19.

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