TaiG 2.3.1 Released With Cydia 1.1.20 Integration

TaiG jailbreak tool is once again being updated, now the team behind the untether jailbreak tool has wrapped its own project into version 2.3.1 that's designed for iOS 8.4 firmware.

You might ask yourself what's changes brought by this version. To find the answer you can simply read on this post.

Main feature brought by TaiG 2.3.1 version.

TaiG 2.3.1 was released today for Windows OS only, it's in beta stage though and the main feature it brings to us only Cydia Installer for 1.1.20 version. Nothing else. That's far as I know. So you will not find anything new let alone big from this release. To be clearer the version 1.1.20 comes with Cydia 1.1.20 Installer only.

Those who have their iOs 8.4 devices jailbroken, no need to jailbreak your device again also it's not necessary to update it from Cydia. And those who have Cydia 1.1.20 running from yesterday release, no need to install this version.

From my own opinion, the reason TaiG team released TaiG 2.3.1 with Cydia 1.1.20 integration is simply because the latest Cydia version comes with so many bug-fixes including ability to backup our Cydia's sources into iTunes. So considering major changes and improvements of the said Cydia version brought making the TaiG team decided to include it to their own tool.

TaiG Jailbreak Tool
For people who want to jailbreak iOS 8.4 for the first time.

So you want to jailbreak your iOS 8.4 firmware, this is your first time? Read the following will you.

However as I already mentioned on the second paragraph above that this release is still in beta stage, thus flashing it on your iOS 8.4 based device in order to get jailbreak utility could result bugs and issues. Thereof I suggest you to use TaiG 2.3.0 that's already stable.

Download TaiG 2.3.1 tool with Cydia 1.1.20 integration.

If you still insist to give this version a try, you may use this link to download it [TaiGJBreak_EN_2310.zip English version – Beta].

And I also would like to inform about jailbreaking iOS 8.4 tutorials I previously posted on this blog. The following are the two pages containing complete instructions to bring jailbreak utility on iOS 8.4 firmware devices.
Hope you like this post.

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