How To Download Songs From Apple Music To Listen Them Offline

Today's tips is how to download songs from Apple Music and then listen the songs offline. Well Apple Music app is one of the features ready available on iOS 8.4, offering a great experiences for searching, collecting and listening music via our iOS device.

But then not many people know that this app is offering an ability for us to listen the songs offline just like any other songs we have stored into our music library, to achieve that is simply download the songs from Apple music then create a playlist to list the songs according labels / categories of your like.

Once you've downloaded the songs then categorized them accordingly to your playlists. Then listen the songs later via offline. This is a good way for you to save your internet data from being eaten because of streaming music online.

How to download songs from Apple Music app then listen them offline

Apple Music App On iOS

  • Make sure you firstly backup your music library on your PC in order to avoid DRM issue.
  • Then I suggest you to use a WI-FI network to download any songs you like.
  • Prepare your iOS based device.
  1. Turn on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad then head to Settings then find the Music options. Within the Music options, find the iCloud Music Library option then toggle the option to ON. Doing so will give you a couple of options which are; Merge or Replace. Choose the one that fits you most.
    iCloud Music Library
  2. Then open Music app to further play a song that you wish to download and then listen it offline. Just search your favorite songs using a provided searching feature placed on top right side from your screen.
  3. Tap the ellipsis button beside the song, then tap on ‘Add to My Music’. The action will add the song to your music library. However the song has not been downloaded for offline use. Thus proceed to the below step.
  4. You can then search the song you just added to your My Music directory on your iOS's music library then tap the ellipsis button again. Then you will then see an option saying ‘Make available offline’ option. Just tap the option. The procedure will then downloaded the song for offline use.
    Download Apple Music Song Offline
  5. To remove the song, just tap the ellipsis button again then select the ‘Remove download’ menu.
Did you know that you can turn off automatic renewal for Apple Music on iOS and iTunes?

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