Fix All TaiG Errors 20%, 60%, 1101, 1102 1103 (Complete Solutions)

This post contains a complete solutions to fix TaiG errors 20%, 60%, 1101, 1102 1103, Storage Almost Full, iMessage Activation Error, Jailbreak Failed, App Icons blank, etc when trying to jailbreak iOS 8.4 or iOS 8.3 using the well-known and leading jailbreak tool for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Those who experience the said errors should no longer be upset because there are number of solutions offered for all the errors.

TaiG is released for Windows OS based computer, however doesn't mean Mac OS X users can't utilize it. Thanks to the existence of the Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac to which a Mac user can runt Windows OS on their machine without the need to buy a Microsoft official OS powered computer.

And those who are here to find the solutions for the already mentioned errors in TaiG can now read them.

Fix All TaiG Errors 20%, 60%, 1101, 1102 1103 (Complete Solutions)

Fix TaiG Errors 20%, 60%, 1101, 1102 1103 (Complete Solutions)
Fix Error for 1101 (Stuck at 20%).

Those who are attempting to jailbreak their iOS 8.3 / iOS 8.4 but suddenly being stopped at 20% that yield to error 1101 should install iTunes 12.0.1.


  1. Uninstall the existing version of iTunes, for example the version 12.1.1.
  2. After iTunes is entirely uninstalled. You need to download and install iTunes 12.0.1 for 32-bit and 64-bit machine.
Second fix for error 1101 / stuck at 20%.

  1. You can simply download the TaiG 2.1.3 that was released recently to deal with the number of errors including stuck at 20%.
  2. Update. Or you can download TaiG 2.2.0.
  3. Update. Download TaiG 2.3.0.
Fix Error 1102

Those who encounter the error, can perform these couple of steps.
  1. Turn your phone's AirPlane Mode to On.
  2. Be sure your Touch ID & Passcode is Off. Do so by going to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and set it to Off.
Fix Error 1103.

Probably the TaiG file you've downloaded is corrupted. Thus to solve the 1103 error is simply re-downloading TaiG 2.1.3 for iOS 8.3 (Update or newer version TaiG 2.2.0 or v2.3).

Fix Error 1104 (Stuck at 30% or 40%).

This issue can be solved by changing another USB port of your Windows computer. If that does not do the work. You can use another Windows OS based PC.

Fix Error 1105 (Stuck at 50%).

This error is related to your installed antivirus and or Firewall, thus you should temporarily disable them during your jailbreak attempt using TaiG. When it's done, enable them again.

And be sure that you also set Find My iPhone to off. Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone (Disable this option).

Fix Injecting (Stuck at 60%).

To deal with this issue, just restart to your iOS device and Windows PC. Afterward perform these steps.

Open TaiG using Administration rule by right-clicking on TaiG.exe file then select / click the Run as Administrator. Then jailbreak your iOS device again.

If the solution doesn't work, just restore your iOS 8.3 / iOS 8.4 to the final IPSW file.

Fix for the ‘Jailbreak failed!’

This error can be solved by simply turning off your Wi-Fi then try again afterward.

Fix error when you try to install iTunes 12.0.1 in Virtual Machine.

This error occurs to Mac OS X users who use Windows Parallels Desktop for Mac software and get error when trying to install iTunes 12.0.1. To fix the problem, simply reinstall Parallels Tools then again install iTunes 12.0.1.

Fix ‘Apple Driver hasn’t been found’ Error.

This issue happens on the 64bit variant of Windows OS. To deal with it, you can simply go to my previous post namely; Fix Apple Driver Hasn't Been Found Issue.

Fix “Storage Almost Full” Error after you finished jailbreak your iOS.

Just open Cydia and wait for it to load everything entirely. The action will get rid off Storage Almost Full issue.

Fix App Icons Disappearing Bug.

To fix the issue simply install newest UIKit Tools version 1.1.10 from Cydia.

The steps.

  1. Open Cydia.
  2. Tap on Changes tab.
  3. Tap Refresh then wait Cydia loads.
  4. When the repositories are finished to refresh find the UIKit tools on Cydia, then install.
  5. Done.
Fix iMessage Activation Issue.

Getting iMessage activation error for TaiG jailbreak? Just follow the steps I compiled on this post; Fix iMessage Activation Error On iPhone Correctly.

We will update this post in the future to add more solutions to the found and reported issues using TaiG jailbreak tool.

Until then, you are invited to read my jailbreak iOS 8.4 instructions from the following links.
I hope this post help you out fixing the errors occurred while attempting to jailbreak your iOS 8.4 / iOS 8.4 powered iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad device.

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