Fix GPS Signal Issue On iOS 8.4

Fix GPS signal issue on iOS 8.4. iOS 8.4 is not only a great update, it brings tremendous features and utilities at once however things are not running too smooth as well. Many users who have updated to the said firmware versions have flooded Apple Support forums with a stream of reports regarding the instability of GPS and WiFi signals when they try to use navigating apps like Google Maps, Apple Maps, Wazz, etc in order to find out where they are and where go to.

This inconvenient issue has been reported a few days ago, and the fix of the said problem is fortunately found and can be performed to fix GPS issue on iOS 8.4 firmware. Since many users are currently experiencing this problem. Then I believe you are too since you are reading this post.

As we know not only a few apps now rely on GPS and Wifi signals, many other do too, especially those who are categorized as the community based traffic and navigation apps. By that fact, we do rely on GPS and Wifi integration to undergo our daily tasks using an iPhone, iPod Touch and also iPad.

Fix GPS Issue On iOS 8.4

Fix GPS Signal iOS 8.4
And in these post I would like to offer you a few tips -- precisely three solutions -- you can try to fix the iOS 8.4 GPS issue to be used by directions provider apps.

1. You need to reset your Network Settings.

Reset Network Settings iPhone GPS
This can be used as a workaround by resetting the Settings of your Network can do the trick to deal with the GPS problem. To do so you all you need just go to Settings app -> General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

The action will reset your existing WiFi passwords and network as well. This fix is recommended in Apple Support forums. Many have tried this one and worked.

2. You can also turn off or on your Location Services.

On Off Location Services iPhone
To do so just perform the following steps.
  1. Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services. Then toggle the option to Off.
  2. Then reboot your smart device.
  3. Then back to Location Services again, toggle it to On.
  4. Now go back to Settings > Privacy > Location Services once again and toggle the switch ON.
3. Backup And Restore Fresh Using iTunes.

The third fix I like to offer to you is the last attempt that I do hope fix the problem. First off backup everything using iTunes / iCloud. Then restore to the iOS 8.4 from iTunes. Now you need to wait patiently for the process to be done. All your backup will be brought back.

Why the GPS issue happens?

Nobody can tell for sure, however a speculation from users saying it has something to do with OTA update.

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