Cydia 1.1.20 Is Here With iTunes Backup Support

Cydia team has updated their app store for jailbroken iOS, now we are handed with Cydia 1.1.20 version, this is a second release after Saurik led company pushed out 1.1.19 version a couple days ago that came with a major change that make Cydia can run as mobile. Now the Cydia 1.1.20 is also offering something great to us.

The main reason of this release is simply to fix a bug found on the previous version to which users experiencing section hiding crash, 'ignore upgrade', apps don't work accordingly also packages only installed in half (Fix Half-Installed Package) and storage details don't report correct value.

But there is another thing should be mentioned and didn't get a big attention on the previous version because not being exposed on 1.1.19's changelog. The thing brought by Cydia 1.1.19 and now in 1.1.20 version is considered being expected. It makes Cydia is more integrated to Apple's iTunes, in version 1.1.20 you can backup your Cydia sources or repositories list to iTunes. So to make the story clearer, each time you make backups over your digital contents to iTunes, then all the repositories / sources from Cydia will also be backed to iTunes.

Thus in the future, you will no longer be worry of losing your Cydia's data when thinking about restoring your backup from iTunes, your Cydia's repositories / sources will also be restored.

Actually, it's already in the previous version somehow, Cydia team didn't include this goodies on changelog of 1.1.19 version of Cydia so nobody knew about except only a few.

Cydia Version 1.1.20

Update to Cydia 1.1.20.

  1. To do so you can simply open Cydia from your jailbroken iOS device.
  2. Then tap Changes tab -> Refresh -> then wait for Cydia to present “Essential Upgrade” message.
  3. Then tap the “Complete Upgrade” to show the most recent version of Cydia update.
    Complete Upgrade Cydia

    This is rarely happening, but sometime is. If Cydia doesn't prompt with “Essential Upgrade” message. When you've done refreshing packages from Change tab, just search for the Cydia Installer then go to update (Modify->Upgrade) to the newest version.
Have you jailbroken your iOS 8.4 based device? You haven't then read the instructions below based on your OS. Go ahead guys.

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