How To Make WhatsApp Voice Calling On iPhone (Jailbreak)

Users with jailbroken iPhones can now use WhatsApp voice calling with the help of WhatsApp beta voice calling app released by (not WhatsApp) and can be download from their own web site. And then download a package from Cydia too.

The method has been tried and proven work, so if you are interested to utilize voice chat or voice call with your Whatsapp friend while your phone is jailbroken then you can try app and then install it on your iPhone, iPad and also iPod Touch.

The app is still in beta stage, now it's, but have been verified to be working, I tried it also and yes it works as expected to get me launching a voice calling to my WhatsApp friend.

However -- in some case -- the installation process also need us to install AppSync to install the WhatsApp beta, thus you may need to add this repository URL to Cydia;

WhatsApp Voice Calling On iPhone

Install WhatsApp Beta to make voice call on WhatsApp

  1. Now download the WhatsApp beta from this page (< page). 
  2. Then you need to also add this repository to your Cydia sources.
  3. Then install WhatsApp Call Enabler package, then go to Settings to enable the package.
  4. You can now login to WhatsApp then send a text message to this number +91-96502-79319. Or just send message to your friend who already activated calling, the process can activate your call ability.
  5. Then if your friend (WhatsApp contact) call you back then you will have your new calling feature activated.
  6. Done.
Note. Some readers from IDownloadBlog reported they can use the WhatsApp voice calling feature without a Cydia tweak, if that's so, jailbreak is not required. Not sure its validity, but you may try it if you like before performing the method from this post, so you can verify it by yourself whether without jailbreak we still can make voice chat. And tell us about that.

Via IDownloadBlog.

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