Protect Your Information From Being Collected By Phone Companies On iPhone

It is normal in now days for smartphone to be used as media to collect information about us -- the users -- and the information will further be sent to advertisers. The phone company usually do that to get more income for their own based on our activity using our own smartphone.

And iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are not exception, our daily activity when using these magnificent handsets are monitored, and then the necessary information be collected to a certain advertisers as a return they will display ad to us.

The ads are expected to be as relevant as they can to get our attention (potential buyers), because they have our information. From that information, the phone company know which advertisers should be their partners in displaying advertisements to their costumers.

And of course it's so easy to know what we like, we love and or otherwise we dislike. Because our daily browsing or other things we do while connected on internet can be discovered, the more we use our smartphone the more we are exposed almost blatantly.

This should not be a concern for some people that need need those advertisements, but for other that could raise wrath (is it?). So if you are kind of second user who dislike your information be collected by your own phone, you can set the door to be closed for data collecting activity that sometime done secretly.

And in this post, the steps to protect your data to be collected will be elaborated neatly. So here they are.

How to enable limit ad tracking on iPhone or iPad to stop your data being sold to advertisers

Firstly you need to of course turn on your iPhone or iPad. Then read the following steps.

  1. Then head to Settings app.
  2. Once you are on that app. Then scroll down to find Privacy and tap on it.
  3. Again scroll down to find Advertising, then tap it.
    Privacy Advertising iOS
  4. Now you will see an option namely Limit Ad Tracking, on the next to is slide the toggle to right for this option to be enabled or to be ON.
    Limit Ad Tracking On iPhone
  5. Now below the option, tap Reset Advertising Identifier...on popup box that appear afterward just tap Reset Identifier.
    Reset Advertising Identifier on iOS

The reasons people decide to limit ad tracking, might be because of these reasons.

  • Could be the existing ads are the results of your past activities, therefore you find the ads are not relevant to your current needs.
  • Or you are kind of person that put privacy on the first level in your life, thus having your data collected by those you regard outsider, are not tolerated.
  • It might be you are going to transfer your iOS device to your family or friend, thus you dislike they see what advertisements appear on the screen knowing those are based on your liking.
From now your browsing information while using your iPhone or iPad is protected and your phone company is unable to collect them to further sell them to interested advertisers. Hope this guide useful for you. If you want us to make tutorials about Apple or Jailbreak related posts, just contact us on this page. And see you again in the next posts of Jailbreak Square blog.

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