Fix iMessage Activation Error On iPhone Correctly

Fix iMessage activation error on iPhone or iPad correctly. I don't know why iMessage experiences issue many times, and now we've got iMessage activation problem each time trying to use the app.

Albeit today it's a warring time between instant messaging apps to be the best app, yet Apple seems to be reluctant to draw attention in making their own app run great with zero issue.

An not new problem is now happening in iMessage which is iMessage Activation: an error occurred during activation. Try again.

Of course many users find this issue very disturbing, especially when they need the app to communicate with friends or for business. They keep trying to re-open the app, yet the same error messages show up telling them the activation error like in the following picture.

iMessage Activation Error

How to fix iMessage Activation Error On iPhone

In this article I try to offer to you guys five proven fixes to deal with iMessage activation error. But firstly make sure your phone number is already listed in My Number on your phone app, if not then go to Settings -> Phone -> My Number then enter your phone's number there.

Make sure the data and time in your iPhone is correct, set it Automatically so your iPhone will set your own time.

Are you ready? Then let's do it guys. Okey?!!

First method. Contact Your Carrier

First thing first, it's better to find out whether your existing carrier support iMessage or not. You can contact the support team of your carrier and then questioning them about the situation.

Second method. Fix iMessage activation error with Airplane Mode

You need to enable and then disable the Airplane Mode. The following are the specific steps to do so.

  1. Settings -> scroll down to find and tap Messages app, then turn iMessage off (also turn Facetime off too).
  2. Now enable AirPlane mode, doing this will turn your Wifi off automatically.
  3. Then turn Wifi to on.
  4. Now go back to Messages to re-enable iMessage.
  5. You will be asked to enter your Apple ID if you haven't entered it before.
  6. Now you to disable Airplane mode again. A message will show saying that Your carrier may charge for SMS, just hit Oke.
  7. If no message like that, the disable and enable iMessage again through Messages section.
  8. Finally your iMessage will be activated.

Source from discussion on Apple forum.

Third method by signing out and signing in Apple ID

Things that look so tough to handle are sometimes can be fixed with a simple technique. Like this issue, perhaps it needs only sign out and sign in your Apple ID.

  1. On Settings -> Message, go down to find the line saying this; ‘Send & Receive' and then you tap on it.
  2. Now tap your Apple ID to further pressing Sign Out.
  3. Switch off iMessage.
  4. Wait now while turning on and off Wifi. After that turn ON iMessage.
  5. Now you need to enter your Apple ID login details and then activate iMessage.

Fourth method. Fix iMessage activation error with "erase content and settings".

The second solution I can offer to you is performing erase all content and settings. But please before doing this, you must perform a full backup over your data.

  1. After you have performed a full backup, from your iPhone / iPad you need to go to Settings -> General -> Erase All Content and Settings.
  2. Now reboot, then when your phone boots up, select restore your iPhone to iTunes, then connect your iPhone to restore from the backup you previously made before erasing all content and settings.
  3. When restoration is done, now go to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset all network settings.
  4. Finish. Now you can use iMessage and Facetime without a problem.

Fifth method. Disable restriction setting for iMessage

The iMassage waiting for activation error could be trigered because of the restriction set in the iMassage setting. Therefore it's better for you to disable all the restrictions on the app.

Do so by heading to the settings > General > Restrictions > iMessage

The two methods above have been practiced by many users who previously experienced iMessage activation error, and they managed to fix the problem. However if you have another method and you have proven your method to successfully fix this issue, please share to use. Thanks for your visit, and see you again in the next Jailbreak Square posts.

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