Fix Cannot Connect To iTunes Store

Fix cannot connect to iTunes store. iTunes store and Apple app store are two places where we can do many things related to digital applications, on the giant app libraries we can get new apps or update the existing apps or apps installed on our iOS devices. Well iPhone will be less fun without the existence of the two giant iOS apps stores, albeit we have a Cydia store, but hey not all of users jailbreak their device thus without iTunes store they will experience misery beside jailbreakers still visit the app stores daily to find apps that they need.

And unfortunately iTunes or App store are sometime not working, several reasons may occur to make us unable to connect to the said apps stores. On our side is purely because our internet connection that make us enable to connect to iTunes server like weak signals, disconnected from the internet, etc.

And the other culprit which lead to iTunes connecting issue is from Apple's side, the Apple server experiencing issue, as the result we are unable to connect to iTunes or App store.

If the problem because of problem in Apple Server, we can not do anything but wait for Apple to fix it. But if the problem from our side. Then we can perform some workaround to deal with the situation.

And if you happen to face cannot connect to iTunes store, then you can try one of the three solutions offered here.
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3 Ways to fix cannot connect to iTunes store or App store

Cannot Connect To iTunes Store
First way. Enable and disable iTunes Parental Controls feature.

  1. Now launch iTunes.
  2. For Mac user just click on iTunes -> Preferences on top side of your screen. As for Windows user, you can head to Edit -> Preferences.
  3. Now head to Parental tap on Disable area, you can unclick this option; Allow access to iTunes U and then unclick thea iTUnes store. See the following image below as reference.
    Fix Cannot Connect To iTunes Store
Now close your iTunes and then re-open it. If you are directed to iTunes U, without a problem, then open the Parental tab again then enable iTunes Store by clicking on itu.

Well the above solution should fix the problem and make you able to connect to iTunes Store.

Second way. reset all settings

If the first way didn't work for you, you can perform the following action. But please to firstly make backup to your settings.
  1. Now close iTunes Store or App Store from App Switcher.
  2. Now launch the Settings.
  3. Go to General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings.
  4. Reboot your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad now.
  5. Now open iTunes Store app and you should now be able to access to iTunes store without a problem.
Third way. switch from WiFI to 3G or otherwis.

If the problem still persists, then you can perform this action that related to your internet connection. Switch to the more better network.

  1. One of the culprits for not being able to connect to iTunes store is because of your network connectivity or weak Wi-Fi signal. If you are now using a Wi-Fi connection, and you cannot connect to iTunes Store, then switch to 3G.
  2. Close iTunes Store, then disable Wifi.
  3. Then enable 3G.
  4. Now launch iTunes Store, if it's now successfully connected, then the problem is your Wifi. And enable 3G if the problem is because of that network and switch to Wifi instead.
  5. Done.
If your device's Wi-Fi network doesn't perform well, then you can try the solution to fix Wi-Fi issue on iOS 8.

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Well done you have read the entire solutions offered by Jailbreak Square blog, to fix the cannot connect to iTunes Store. If you find one of the solutions worked for you, please share to us and point which one that worked for you.

Or if you have your own solution to fix cannot connect to iTunes Store, please don't be shy to share your own tips to us. And if you find this post useful, please share to your friends in Google Plus, Twitter or Facebook. See you again in the next posts of Jailbreak Square blog.

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