Turn Off Sound In New Facebook Version App For iPhone And iPad

Now Facebook updates for its iOS app in every two weeks, this condition has been done by the giant social networking company long enough. And the recent update the company added, precisely in Facebook 24.0, is a animation sound that's interesting enough.

The sound will be heard each time you like posts, or simply tab a new tabs, etc. Well that would make our experience using Facebook more boisterous.

But of course not all the iOS users like the sound, people that prefer quietness will of course reject the idea. If you are one of the users who dislike the existence of Facebook animation sound, then you can follow the instructions on this post to get the sound disappeared from your ears.

How To Turn Off Sound In New Facebook App For iPhone and iPad

  1. Make sure the said version of Facebook has been installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  2. Now hit the More button on the bottom right of the Facebook app.
  3. Scroll down to find and enter the Settings.
    Disable Facebook Sound On iPhone
  4. Now you can set the Sound to Off by simply go to Sounds mode -> In-App Sound -> Off.
    Turn Off Facebook Animation Sound
Additionally, Facebook has added many interesting and useful features in their series of updates and those features will enrich the social networking site to not only as the place to hangout with friends. For example you will find Safety Check with this feature you can connect with friends in the natural disaster area, Save for later to save interesting articles to be shared with friends, etc.

As the undisputed king of the social networking site, the company has also introduce a several apps to maintain your existence on net like Facebook Groups, Paper, Stickered for Messenger and also Facebook at Work.

You can also enjoy apps like Rooms and Slingshot that you can create separately from your Facebook account.

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