Transfer PDF File From iTunes To iPad

Previously we have discussed about how to save PDF file on iPhone or iPad, and in this opportunity Jailbreak Square will elaborate the steps to send or transfer PDF file or Ebook from iTunes (PC Mac) to your iPad.

In this tutorial I use iTunes 11.04 on Mac and iBooks app. And if you use other iTunes version, then it's not a problem. The steps here can also be applied on your iTunes version or other PDF format reader apps.

How to transfer PDF file from iTunes to iPad or iPhone

  1. Prepare the PDF file you wish to transfer, for example in this tutorial we will try to transfer an ebook with title Principle and practice of movement disorders 2nd.pdf
  2. Now launch iTunes on your Mac or PC, point your attention on top left part, make sure it's Books on the drop down menu that contains other apps like Movies, TV Shows, Apps, Tones, Podcasts, Home, Music (make sure it's Books).
  3. Now transfer the ebook by dragging and dropping it to iTunes. Now that ebook is already transferred to iTunes.
    Transfer Send Ebook PDF File To iPhone iPad
    Click the image to enlarge it.
  4. Now connect your iPad to your Mac or Windows computer, and let the syncing process begin and wait till it's complete.
  5. Choose Books tab, and now a new ebook or PDF file is added on iTunes.
  6. Give a grass sign to the ebook you wish to transfer to iPad.Transfer PDF File Ebook To iPad
  7. Again perform syncing and wait till it's finish.
    Sync Ebook PDF File To iPad iPhone
  8. Now open the iBooks app on your iPad or iPhone, and by default the file will be saved in Collection > PDF.
  9. Done.
Note. If you wish to sync from a different computer, make sure you have a PDF / Ebook file in your iPad as a backup. Have a nice try.

And see you again in the next jailbreak square posts.

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