Transfer iPhone Songs To Computer

In now days, saving our favorite songs to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad is not a hard task to do. Thanks to iTunes to make the process so simple. But how to do otherwise? Such as this question; How to transfer our favorite songs from iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad to computer?

We can do it, yes you read it right! We can transfer our songs from iOS iPhone to computer.

Albeit iTunes has not provided music transferring feature from iOs device to computer yet. But that doesn't mean we can't do it. Just follow the steps below if you wish to transfer your songs from iPhone to computer, whether it's Mac or Windows computer.

  1. Power off iTunes auto-syncing first, to do it just head to Preferences > Devices > check “Prevent iOS hardware from syncing automatically” from iTunes, then go out from iTunes.
  2. When you've done that, it's time to download iExplorer (it's a free software for Mac OS X or Windows), then install the software to your PC.
  3. Now connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to computer using a USB cable.
  4. Open iExplorer now, then click the arrow sign beside your device name. After that, click on the arrow beside Media from iTunes Control.
  5. Drag Music folder to the desktop new location. If your Music folder contains many songs then the transferring process can take sometime.
Transfer Music From iPhone To Computer Easily
The Music folder is now stored on your computer containing all the songs from your iPhone, however the transferred musics are not compiled neatly and some songs categorized into the folder with random names. So to fix that, you can use an easy workaround by sorting and renaming the file using iTunes to import folder to get the right name.

To import Musics that have been copied to iTunes.

If you wish to transfer the musics from computer to iTunes, follow the steps below.
  1. Unplug your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad from computer, then open iTunes.
  2. Now open Preferences -> Advanced.
  3. Make sure you have checked these options; Keep iTunes Media Organised and Copy files to iTunes Media Folder.
    Transfer Music iPhone To Computer
  4. Now backup to desktop where the Music folder is located, then drag the Music icon to iTunes for iTunes to begin importing your songs.
  5. Done.
Well now all your favorite songs are compiled correctly and saved to your computer.

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