Steps To Create Folders On iPhone Or iPad Easily

You can now create a folder in your iPhone to store number of apps within it so your installed iOS apps will not saturate your device's home screen or other screen.

We should thanks Apple for adding this ability in iOS to which iPhone or iPad users can have folders as dwelling places for their apps to make our iOS device's screen look cleaner.

And in this post I would like to guide you -- Jailbreak Square visitors -- on how to create folders on iPhone or iPad and at the same time adding the apps to the folders. So you will be guided completely to master them.

And of course creating folders on iPhone is very easy, jailbreak utility is not required, and it can be performed on to jailbreak or non-jailbreak iPhone or iPad. If you are ready we can directly jump into the each step achieving how to create iPhone folders easily.

Steps to create folders on iPhone or iPad easily

  1. On your iPhone or iPad Home screen tap any app you wish to put into folder, then hold the app till the app wiggle. And then drag the app and put it on top on another app you want to add into folder.
    Create Folder In iPhone iPad
  2. The above process will automatically create a folder for the apps.
    Create Folder For iPhone iPad
  3. And your iPhone or iPad will automatically name the folder based on app category, but do not worry because you can rename the folder according your wish.

How to remove the apps from folder?

Well if you change your mind and decide to remove the apps from folder of your iPhone just tap and hold the app till it wiggle then drag the app outside the folder. This will remove the app from the folder.

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