How To Take Screenshots On Mac OS X

There are number of ways you can utilize to take screenshot or capturing a screen on Mac OS X.
  • command + shift + 3, to take the screnshot of whole screen.
  • command + shift + 4, release, then choose the area you wish to capture by holding left click, the selected area of your screen will be captured.
  • command + shift + 4 + space, release, then select window to take screen in the certain window.
By default the screenshot will be saved in .PNG format and will be stored in Desktop. That is of course disturbing, because will make your desktop area 'dirty' if you have many screenshots.

And in this I will also try to guide you to change the destination folder of screenshot, so the taken screens will not be saved in desktop, but to other location of our choice. To do so, you will need to underwent some steps. All the steps listed neatly below.

How to change Mac OS X screenshot destination folder

Step 1. Create a new folder, name it anything, as for me I name it Screenshot.

Step 2. Now open the window Terminal, this app can be found in the Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal.
Mac OS X Terminal Window
Mac OS X Terminal Window

Step 3. After the Terminal window is opened, just type the following command.

defaults write location /Users/username/desktop/foldername
Step 4. The red command line can be change according the username and the folder name of yours. In this tutorial, I you use Screenshot as the folder name.

Step 5. Now type the following command.
killall SystemUIServer
Take Screenshot On Mac OS X
Once you have enter the command, you can now close the Terminal window, you will now see the screenshot location has been moved to the new folder. Have a nice try. See you again.

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