How To Open CHM File On Mac Computer

Chmox To Open CHM File On Mac Computer
One of the popular ebook file formats beside PDF is CHM (Compiled HTML). Opening PDF file is not a problem in Mac, because the existence of Preview that's installed automatically and become the first choice along with Adobe Reader.

But the situation is different with eBook that's based on CHM, we need to install an additional software if we wish to open it.

Today there is a few apps provided in App Store like CHM View (a free app) or  CHM Reader, CHM Reader Plus, and CHM Viewer (these are paid apps).

We ever tried them, but our choice goes to an app that's not from App Store, namely Chmox. From various CHM file we have opened, the apps from App Store have failed to read some lines and those lines were translated into so weird codes.

But Chmox can display all of them better (albeit there is a tiny parts that are missed). Beside, Chmox is a free open source, it is fast and efficient to open CHM file. And I will tell you how to use Chmox to open CHM file on your Mac. Follow the instructions below.

Open CHM file on Mac with Cmox

So to open CHM files on your Mac computer all you need just undergo the following few steps and of course you will also be told to download the Chmox as the software to open CHM contains.
  1. Open Chmox, (download the software from its SourceForge official website).
  2. And then install the software by clicking the .dmg file, and accept the “Terms and condition”, then drag to the “Application folder”.
  3. Done! Now all you need is just double-click on the CHM file you wish to read on your Mac computer.
Open CHM FIle On Mac Computer
Have a nice try guys!

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