How To Download / Save PDF File On iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Some friends of mine asked me how to download PDF file via iPhone or iPad. I told them how, now I will also tell you the procedures on this blog so you can achieve the same with your iOS based devices. And by the way the procedures can also be applied on iPod Touch too.

So if you own that multipurpose pocket size electronic device you can also download the PDF file and read it offline later.

But to download files that are based on PDF on your iPhone or iPad, then you need to firstly install the app to open the .pdf file itself. And there are plenty of apps that can read pdf file however I won't use them all, but in this post I use Adobe Reader as the app and it can be downloaded and installed on App Store for free.

How to save PDF file on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

Adobe Reader
  1. After you have Adobe Reader app installed. Now the next step is open the file you wish to download using your Safari browser.
    Download PDF File On iPhone
  2. And then tap the screen for one time till a notification appear on the top part of your Safari window.
  3. You can now select open in till you see a small box containing a list of applications to choose, just choose Adobe Reader.
    Open In Adober Reader iPhone
    Download PDF File iPad iPod Touch Safari
  4. Automatically the contain will be opened in Adobe Reader as .pdf file.
  5. Finish.
That means, .pdf file is already downloaded or saved in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and you can read the contain offline latter. That's it. You have successfully downloaded the PDF file on your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch using Safari browser.

Since you have expert the skill to save the PDF file on your iOS device. Now if you wish to transfer PDF file from iTunes to iPad then read the following guides as well.
And you can also use the above procedures for iBook or other 3rd party app that supports contains based on PDF.

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