How To Create A Free iCloud Email Address? (Ultimate Guides)

Do you know how to create a free iCloud email and account? If you don't know it, this post will specifically discuss about that topic.

iCloud email address is available for all users to use. If you want to create an iCloud email using your name you can. The post will teach you to create one.

But beforehand let's take a trip to find out what is iCloud.

iCloud is a service by Apple for all iOS devices and Mac OS X users that can sync and backup content online. So if you own an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Mac computer, then make sure you have an email and an account in iCloud so you can use the services provided by it. For details explanation I please you to visit my what is iCloud post.

Once your iCloud account is created, then you will own an email address with your name or any name you set like this; Cool isn't? Of course.

And creating an iCloud email or account is very easy, but there are a few things to remember.
  • To create iCloud email then you have to create it via iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch or MAC computer. Without that Apple device, than you can create iCloud email.
  • Be sure you are not logged into iTunes using your Apple ID while creating iCloud account (Do you know how to create Apple ID on iPhone?)
  • iCloud can only be used on iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad that using iOS 5 or newer and as for Mac only on Mac OS X Lion or newer.
If you have understood all the criterion above now it's time to get into the how to section to create iCloud email for free, the steps are the following.

How to create a free iCloud email address? (Ultimate Guides)

  • Turn on your iPhone then head to Settings from home screen.
  • Click on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  • Click on Add Account...
  • Select iCloud that is on top of the list.

    Create A Free iCloud Email
  • Click on Get a Free Apple ID.

    iCloud Email Address
  • Enter your location and your date of birth there.
    Create iCloud Email Address For Free
  • A new window will open asking you to use email you already have or create a new email. Since we want a new email address then fill the second form to make email in server,
    Create iCloud Email Address For Free
  • So if you wish to get a new email which is this, then choose free email address.
  • Enter information then click Next. And then agree with term and condition of iCloud.

    Create iCloud Email Address For Free
  • Done! Now you have a new iCloud account and email with for your iOS device or Mac computer.
And this iCloud account can also be your Apple ID to be used to login to iTunes Store and to utilize any other services from Apple.

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