Enable Emoji Emoticons On iPhone

Before we discuss about how to enable and use Emoji on iPhone, I would also like to inform you that previously Jailbreak Square discussed about how to use autotext emoticon like in BlackBerry to your iPhone. As I have revealed earlier, if we compare BlackBerry Autotext with Emoji, then the second name is more attractive and giving more funny emoticon.

The problem is Emoji only supports iOS based devices only, at least when I am writing this post, is not a cross-platform app yet. And if you have an iPhone or iPad, then you can use Emoji on your device.

If you don't know how to display Emoji emoticons on your iPhone or iPad, then this post will guide you to the process of enabling the Emoji emoticons directly from your iDevices.
iOS Emoji Emoticons

How to enable Emoji emoticons on iPhone or iPad

Let's get into the main topic, to enable Emoji emoticons on your iPhone or iPad, firstly you have to...

Step 1. On your iPhone / iPad, head to Settings > General > Keyboards > International Keyboards till you see the following image (below is the screenshot from iPhone. If you use iPad, the interface will be different).  And then select Add New Keyboard.

Add New Keyboard Emoji iPhone

Step 2. You will then see language options to choose, just scroll down and select Emoji, then in the International Keyboards, you will find Emoji as the secondary language.

Show Emoji On iPhone iPad

Step 3. You have enabled Emoji. Now try to open Messages or other applications that can show Keyboard to type. After you set Emoji to enable, you will see a new icon on your keyboard. See the image below.

Display Emoji On iPhone iPad

Step 4. If you select the icon, you will have Emoji option containing various emoticons that are ready to be used.

Enable Emoji On iPhone iPad

Step 5. Well you can now choose any emoticon that you like to express your feeling so the receiver will find out your mood easily

Note. Till this post I write, Emoji has not being accepted globally. You probably can display them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Path, etc but the emoticons can only be read on the iOS or Mac OS based devices.

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