How To Display BlackBerry Autotext Emoticons On iPhone Or iPad

BlackBerry users use to show emoticons like these on their status ┗|`O′|┛ (╥﹏╥) atau ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ on their BlackBerry Messenger status or any other social networking sites. That's possible because in BlackBerry there is an autotext feature that can convert texts into emoticons.

Frankly iPhone or iPad users have Emoji emoticons containing various smiley that is honestly more fun and funny compared with emoticons found in BlackBerry.

The problem is Emoji is not yet accepted universally, because the emoticons are only available on the Apple's products. Differ from autotext that can be seen on any devices no matter what operating the devices use. BlackBerry autotext can be enjoyed anywhere, while emoticons are not, except you do the tweaking first.
Read also to enable Emoji emoticons on iPhone or iPad.
But no need to be worry, since Apple released and introduced iOS 5, now iPhone or iPad users can display BlackBerry autotext emoticons style on iPhone or iPad. And in this post I will try to guide you through the processes to display autotext on your iPhone or iPad.

How to display BlackBerry autotext emoticon on iPhone or iPad

The guides use iPad, so all the screenshots below taken from iPad. But the guides can also be applied on iPhone too.

Step 1. Launch Settings > General then scroll down and tap on Keyboard.

Display BlackBerry Autotext In iPhone Or iPad

Step 2. Still in General now scroll down to find Add New Shortcut.., then tap it.

BlackBerry Autotext On iPhone iPad

Now you need to fill the autotext information, there are two columns you need to fill. Firstly Phrase, create an emoticon you need to show. And then on the Shortcut column, create texts to be used to call the phrase.
Note. Shortcut doesn't support dot (.) or coma (,) symbols. It only supports numerical character. My advise is, on the shortcut add numbers like, 1, 2, or,3, etc for every phrase you make. It's to avoid error like when you are chatting with friend, then you say I want to dance, then the shortcut will display emoticons (phrase). So add number for your phrase, like dance1, or dance2, etc. 
See the picture as reference.

BB Emoticon On iPhone iPad

Step 3. Great! Because you just created a new shortcut in the list. To use it, simply type the shortcut and then space to call the emoticon to show up on your screen.

Shortcut BlackBerry Autotext Emoticon iPhone

Of course you need more shortcut to be added in the list, here they are.

what1 – (•__•)
what2 – (☉_☉)
baa1 – (ʃ⌣ƪ) Ciluk ƪ(˚▽˚)ʃ Baaa
cry1 – (╥﹏╥)
cry2 – (˘̩̩̩____˘̩̩̩)
tweak1 – (ˇ▽ˇ)-c<ˇ~ˇ) cubit2 – (٥ `o´)-c<˘﹏˘ “)/ dance1 – ~(˘▽˘~)(~˘▽˘)~ dance2 – ƪ(ˇ▼ˇ)¬ dance3 – ƪ(‘-‘ ƪ).. ..(ʃ ‘-‘)ʃ dance4 – ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ fuck1 – ┌П┐(►_◄)┌П┐ hit1 – (ˇ__ˇ)-o)*зˇ) hit2 – (╯‵□′)╯””┻━┻☆))>○<)
hit3 – ┻━┻ԅ(╰ д╯)-σ
hmm1 – ( ‾_‾ )
hmm2 – ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ
huff1 – (⌣́_⌣̀)
hug1 – (ɔ‾⌣‾)ɔ
hug2 – (ɔ˘̩̩̩ з ˘̩̩̩)ɔ
runaway1 – (˘_˘٥)–c< o”`▽´)o
kick1 – ~(╰_╯)┌┛~*(✗_✗~)
kiss1 – ( ≈ˆ3(¯▾ˆ◦)♡
kiss2 – (˘⌣˘)ε˘`)
koprol1 – (┌‾▿‾)┌┌(_o_)┐┐(‾▿‾┐)
mafia1 – (-_-メ)
mafia2 – (҂⌣_⌣)/||
pig1 – (´(•̩•̩̩)`)
picing1 – -_-
picing2 – (¬.¬)
puk1 – (´._.`)\(‘́⌣’̀ )
sing1 – ♪ƪ(´▿`♪)♬(♪´▿`)ʃ♪
sing2 – (oˆ▽ˆ)o ●— ♬♪♩
siul1 – ♪(´ε` )
swt1 – (ˇ_ˇ’!l)
swt2 – (˘_˘٥)
tab1 – (.__.)/||
tab2 – (ʃ_⌣̀ )/|
tok1 – (-_-‘)ƪ(˘ε˘“)
upil1 – (‾-ƪ‾) ( ‾-‾)-σ • • • •
what1 – (˚ε˚”!)
yeah1 – ┗|`O′|┛
yeah2 – └(˘.˘└)
zzz1 – (☉̶_☉̶)

That's it, you have successfully followed steps to display BlackBerry autotext in iPhone or iPad, you can share this post if it's useful for you.

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