Delete iPhone Multiple Photos At The Same Time

Camera is among other important app in our iPhone and of course we love it, but if we are not wise enough to use it. Then camera can be one of the other culprits that eats our storage fast. Well if you have a small disk space and you like taking picture, especially using MinimalCamera, then the results will be running out of space quickly.

So to deal with the problem, we need to perform some cleanings to our iPhone storage.

Tips; just upload your photos to the cloud storage service not save them to your iOS device. There are several services available that you can use such as iCloud, Box, DropBox and OneDrive.

Tutorials to delete multiple photos in iPhone.

Apple gives an ability to quickly delete our photos or videos to clean our internal storage so we will get more free space. And how to delete the photos quickly and more importantly how to delete multiple photos at the same time in our iPhone?

Just follow the steps below to find out.

Delete Multiple Foto iPhone iPad
Quickly delete iPhone multiple photos from camera at the same time
  1. Open photo apps from your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Now head to Photos tab on the bottom part of your screen. There you got to Moments area, scroll and find that option.
  3. There is a Select button on the right side, just tap that button and select the photos you wish to delete then tap the garbage can / trash on the lower right part. Then confirm your action. 
Done! That's how you need to do to delete multiple iPhone photos at the same time.

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