Create PDF File On Mac OS X And Protect PDF File With Password

How to create PDF File on Mac OS X. In Mac we can directly create a PDF (Portable Document Format) file, unlike in Windows that needs a third-party software to achieve the same. And the PDF file created from Mac can hold its original format no matter you open it in any other operating systems. You can open the PDF file created from Mac in Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, or any other operating systems as long as they support PDF file format.

PDF offers some benefits to consider like its nature as printable material. You can easily print it and it's more like a book than a web page or page of document.

And then if you own a Mac OS X computer and don't know how to create a PDF file, then you can follow the steps written and compiled correctly and neatly in this post. We will also provide pictures to clear the point on the certain steps.

Once your PDF file created then you can share or transfer the files to any media you like. And the files will maintain its format without changes.

How to create PDF file using Mac OS X

  1. Open any file you wish to change into PDF file. For example a file created with words typed in Pages.
  2. Click the File on top bar, then select Print.
    Print PDF File On Mac
  3. Now choose the PDF button on the lower side of Print window, then select Save as PDF…
  4. We will change the file name in Save As, Where the save location, and then complete the other information of your PDF file like Title, Author, Subject, dan Keywords. If you've done adding information then just hit the Save dan file PDF.
    Save As PDF
  5. You can also give a password of your PDF file, if you think it's a sensitive file or to avoid people to copy-paste your PDF file, or to avoid people from printing the file. All you need to do is simply adding the Security Options.
    Password PDF File On Mac
  6. For example I add a password for my PDF file; JailbreakSquare to open and protect the JailbreakSquareprint. So if people want to print my PDF file they need to firstly enter the password.
  7. End your step by simply clicking the click Ok and Save.
  8. Now open a PDF file you just created and password, then you will see a box appears asking you to enter the password first before the file opens.
    Password Protected PDF File Mac
  9. Done.

And if you want to copy the text from the file, then again you are going to need to enter the password. In that case you can use the password you previously set.

That's it! You now know how to create a PDF file on Mac OS X and protect the PDF file with password. If you think this post useful, you can share it to your friends in Google Plus, Twitter or Facebook. And see you again in the next posts of Jailbreak Square blog.

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