Change Apple ID To Another Apple ID Directly From iPhone

Change Apple ID
Apple ID is very important, because if you want to download applications or games, then you will be asked to fill out your Apple ID in the provided form. And there are many other beneficial things given by Apple ID.

Generally when you buy an iPhone -- whether a new or a used iPhone -- you will use the Apple ID or write it down your Apple ID data by default. And if the used iPhone you just bought has its Apple ID attached, then you need to replace it with your own.

So never experience of a bad situation like unable to download / install or update an app / a game on iPhone in App Store because of problem on Apple ID.

And if you don't have an Apple ID, then you can make one for free directly from your iPhone, just follow the instructions from the following page.
As for me, I have 2 Apple IDs, first Apple ID is for Indonesia App Store and the second one is for US App Store. The reason I made two Apple IDs is because there are number of applications that is not available in Indonesia App Store (For example Google Maps).

And in some circumstance I need to replace the existing Apple ID with another, and here are the steps to do so. You are invited to follow each step if you want to change your Apple ID to another Apple ID without computer or iTunes.

How to change Apple ID to another Apple ID on iPhone

  1. Enter to Settings, then scroll down till your find iTunes & App Stores.
    iTunes & App Stores
  2. On the Apple ID settings, click on the existing email address.

    Click Apple ID Email iPhone
  3. A box will pop out, just select Sign Out option.

    Sign Out Apple ID iPhone
  4. And now enter the new Apple ID with the password to replace the existing Apple ID then hit the Sign In. If you wish to create a new ID, just select the Create New Apple ID in the bottom part of the interface. See the image below guys.

    Change Apple ID In iPhone
  5. Done!
Now your iPhone is connected to the new Apple ID. Oh by the way you can apply the same methods on your iPod Touch or iPad. And one more thing if you wish to manage your Apple ID, like changing the password, change email or home address can be done in this URL address

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