XRec To Records iPhone Screen Without Jailbreak

In iPhone we were unable to record what's on the iPhone's screen, thus to have this ability we can utilize the jailbreak tweeks such as ScreenRecorder or Display Recorder they are available on Cydia now. This means we need to jailbreak our device first to get Cydia.

That would be something unwanted for people who consider jailbreaking iPhone is a danger activity (actually it's not) and decided not to do it. But at the same time, you want to record certain activity on your iPhone.

If you are one of the kind users, then there is a happy news for you. Because now there is an app in Apple App Store that's designed to serve to that purpose.

The xRec is created and works as it's advertised. You can do the following once it's installed on your phone, which are.

Record your iPhone's screen with one tap. For showing your gameplays, scores, favorite apps and anything you want, xRec is your app.
After the recording is fully complete, your recorded file can be sent to several text exchanging apps like Mail, Messages or you can also store it on your DropBox account. However for those who are still using iOS 7 then there is a bad news for you because this app doesn't work to the said firmware.

XRec iPhone App
xRec is developed by Akin Ogunc, with it you easily capture the contents of your iPhone's screen as is without the help of jailbreak or connect your iPhone to PC to use your desktop screen capture software.

This so far a good app, does what it's advertised, you can grab it on Apple App Store for only $1.9. Well unfortunately Apple has taken down the app, so it's no longer available on the app store. But worry not you can go to app addict site to get it.

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