Windows 10 Installation Guides On Mac Computer

Mac users are given a precious opportunity to test the latest Windows 10 technical preview operating system that's released recently, Windows 10 is armed with plenty of high-tech features therefore it's not surprising if the said iteration Windows version is regarded as a future of Microsoft's vision for PCs. Now the company open the door for Macintosh users to give the preview version of the OS a try.

You should take this worthy lease to taste the experience of running a very good look Windows 10 on the Macintosh ecosystem. Imagine your Retina displayed powered computer running a colorful Windows 10, that would be a baffle experience.

Not to mention with Windows 10 preview you will have the chance to play Windows only games, that you will never ever have the opportunity to play them on Mac.

There won't be any licensing fee imposed for installing it as it's only technical preview version to give you a quick impression on what the Windows 10 can give to you. And the installation is not a too easy road for average users, however for advanced users the process wouldn't be too difficult.

Through the virtualization method or Boot Camp provided by Apple, Mac computers can install and run Windows software on a different hard drive partition. This ability is without doubt one of the factors that increase the sales of Mac these days.

When the Windows 10 operating system is fully installed, then you can play various PC games that you previously can not play in your Mac. Aside from that ability, you can also access and edit the whole documents that can only be done in Windows PC.

Virtualization software like VMWare Fusion or Parrales are not free ones, albeit you have the free-trial chances. For running Windows 8.1 on Mac then you need to spend $120.

But if you don't want to spend much money. You can directly try Windows 10 as the latest Microsoft's operating system. You can even try it for a free ride.

And the following are the steps to run Windows 10 on Mac by installing VirtualBox made by Oracle. This software can work as good as VMWare Fusion and Parallels.

Short explanations about Boot Camp and virtualization software.
  • Boot Camp. The Mac OS X 10.5 program included with Boot Camp that enables a parallel installation of Windows on Macs with Intel processors. Disadvantage; It always comes only one of the two operating systems, either Mac OS X or Windows. When the computer starts the user must decide by pressing the Alt key, which one is to be loaded.
  • Virtualization. Programs like Parallels Desktop or VM-ware fusion ensure that Windows runs simultaneously with Mac OS X. You start the Mac and Windows software simultaneously. In addition, you can easily exchange data between operating systems.
The Windows 10 installation guides here can be applied on various Mac models such as; Mac, Macbook, iMac.

How to install Windows 10 on Mac using VirtualBox

Step 1. Please open the VirtualBox official web page, then click on Download link on the left side. Select the newest version.

Step 2. Once you downloaded, install VirtualBox.

Step 3. Now you need to download Windows 10 for free.

To get a free copy of Windows 10, you have to sign-up first using Microsoft account (or make one) in Windows Insider Program.

Once you have signed up, you can now be able to download ISO file that's like software on CD. Download 64-bit version. If you are asked to transfer file to USB drive and install it from there, then don't do it, because you can directly install it on MC hard drive by the help of Boot Camp.

Step 4. Now run VirtualBox
  • Click on New blue button.
  • In the Name field and choose the Windows Type just type Windows 10 or any name you desire.
  • Type as Microsoft Windows
  • For the version menu just choose Windows 8.1 (64 bit) from drop-down menu. This is the only latest version available on the option. No Windows 10 option included yet. Don't worry it will work.
Windows 10 Install On Mac With VirtualBox
Step 5. Install virtual disk on virtual hard drive.

Now you need to select the size of the virtual hard drive. You can simply take the default size which is 2GB or increase the size as you desire by simply pull the slider to the right side. Remember while pulling the slider make sure it doesn't reach the yellow or red zone.

And then VirtualBox will create a virtual hard drive using the default settings. Click Create, then decide the hard drive (by default its 25GB), again click Create.

Once you have done it, then hit the Start green arrow button.

Oracle Virtual Manager Blog Windows 10
Step 6. Now choose the small icon folder to select the ISO file you downloaded earlier. You will be given options to Capture mouse and then OS X will grant the mouse integration permission. Just hit the Continue button.
Windows 10 Iso File Selection
Install Windows 10 Technical Preview
Windows 10 Setup
Now click Next in Windows setup, then Click Install Now, accept the license terms and conditions. If you move the ISO file to USB drive then you can select the option number to which is, Custom Install. Click next when you see Disk O Unallocated Space screen, then click it again to read the who prompt installation.

Install Windows 10 with Boot Camp

Be sure you have at least an 8GB free USB Drive storage to begin installing Windows 10 via Boot Camp. Plug your USB drive to further start the Boot Camp app.
Oracle Select Tasks
You need to perform partitions over your hard disk. Windows 10 will require a minimum 20Gb space. You can set the size according your liking of course.
BootCamp Assistan Windows 10 Installation
Once you've done partitioned your hard drive, just hit the Install button for the Windows 10 installing process to begin.

Once the whole process is complete, you will have a two operating systems -- Mac OS X or Windows 10 -- to choose for your machine to load which one of your choice.


Keep in mind this just a technical preview of the Windows 10 (not a final version) thus don't expect to find the entire features and abilities of the said operating system. And then it's still in testing stage therefore you probably find things you dislike in several areas. But don't worry that would be a less chances.

Now the question is do you dare to undergo all the entire steps to bring Windows 10 to your Mac? You won't be sorry if you do.

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