How To Uninstall / Remove Hotspot Shield VPN On iPhone Or iPad

How to uninstall / remove Hotspot Shield VPN on iPhone or iPad. Privacy is needed while we are connected to internet, therefore many iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users decided to install Hotspot Shield VPN application and also to protect our online activity.

Especially when this app is free-of charge, therefore many people took it and install it. But then, things have changed, we don't think it's needed anymore and now decide to disable the app. If you are one wishing to remove Hotspot shield app like many others. This post is created for that purpose.

By the ability offered by Hotspot Shiled no wonder many people take it easily, but the problem is when they need to uninstall. The found out the uninstalling process is not easy as installing it.

Uninstalling the app is not as easy as installing it for the first time. You need to do few steps to achieve that. Don't worry you will find the steps on this post. Just follow them.

Why you need to be guided to uninstall the Hotspot Shield VPN? Actually, when you think the uninstalling procedure like long pressing on icon then hit the X button is removing the app then you are wrong. The process only makes the icon disappear but the profile is still in your iPhone settings.

How To Uninstall / Remove Hotspot Shield VPN On iPhone Or iPad
Uninstall / Remove Hotspot Shield VPN On iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Step 1. Power ON your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, then go to –> General.

Step 2. In General area, search for the Profile section.

Step 3. In Profile, search and then tap Hotspot Shield VPN.

Step 4. You will then see Remove button, click it.

Step 5. Finish! You just removed / uninstall the VPN profile.

Great my friends, because you have managed to remove Hotspot Shield VPN app on your iOS based device.

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