This How To Get Waterlogue App For Free

Appple is once again share application for free for all the iOS based device users via Apple online store. Just like the company did when they share Camera+.

This time Apple is sharing the sketch editing photo app namely Waterlogue that you can install for free -- just for you to know the normal price of the app is $2.99.

Do you want to know how to get Waterlogue for free? Just follow the steps below.
  1. Login to App Store using your iOS device -- iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch -- using your Apple ID with the region with supports Apple Online Store. As for me I use Apple ID from US region. (Or if you don't have it, then  you can create Apple ID for free directly from your iPhone or iPad.)
  2. Now download Apple Store, open and enter to the Store section.
  3. Scroll down till your see the second picture on that side with globular icon below it.
  4. Now swipe to left to see the Waterlogue picture on that side.
    Install Waterlogue For Free iPhone
  5. Click on icon or Waterlogue text to switch to the new page, then press the “Download now for free”.
    Download Waterlogue App For Free
  6. INow all you need to follow the on-screen instructions to open the App sotre, then confirm the code given and then you can download the app.
    Download Waterlogue App
  7. Done.
This promotion will expire at January, 31, 2015 or probably sooner -- if the promo codes given is run-out. Thus you better hurry up and grab this $3 worth app.

Are you curious of what the Waterlogue app can do to your photos? Just see the demo picture below. (Click the image for better pixel).
Waterlogue App Example
Waterlogue is an editing photo app that could turn your photos into sketch art work or water-color painting. There are many sketch filter types that you can choose. However the process to result the picture could be long, it is because the developer of the app is emphasizing the quality of the picture, unlike any other apps that offer the same ability yet with not-too satisfying results. And this app can result high resolution picture so it can be saved to your Camera Roll or print it in the big size paper.

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