Steps To Backup iPhone Contacts To Gmail

Do you wish to backup and sync your iPhone contact to Gmail? You can! I solely create this post to guide you backup your entire contacts to the said services or apps. And Gmails is proven so helping to save our data from being lost because of software failures or other hacking activities we do to our device. By having a backup then we can restore back all the data and save ourselves from being sorry for our ignorance.

Albeit people may think that it's impossible for Google to provide a media to help iPhone users saving their data because they think Google is Apple sworn enemy, thus Gmail is never been a choice for backup tool.

But the reality is different. As long as you own a Gmail, that Google app can be used to sync your iPhone contacts just in case you lost them. And in this post I will share the guides to backup your iPhone contacts to Gmail easily.

Of course after being so long using your iPhone, your contacts become many with telephone numbers, email address and other data.

Backup iPhone Contacts To Gmail
And it's normal if you are now thinking to backup those data, because if you lose them you will face a huge loss. Right?

Thank God, there a enough ways available to backup our iPhone data, so if you accidentally lose your contact data because of your iPhone is being stolen or missing, there is a backup!

How to backup or sync your iPhone contacts to Gmail

Setting up the Gmail through your iPhone.

Step 1. From your iPhone head to Settings then scroll down to Mail, Contacts, Calendars. And then tap on Add Account, in then you will view a list containing number of email clients that you can link to. Just tap on Google tab.

Backup iPhone Contacts To Gmail

Step 2. Now fill all the required fields with your Gmail account details like your name, password, email address and etc followed with hitting Next appears on screen.

Step 3. To complete the setup of your email you need to also fill out the Outgoing Mail Server and you will be prompted to fill username (your email address) and password, and Host Name (for Host Name just type and then Next.

Step 4. Don't worry if you see error message before, during or after the step. Just hit Continue to process your email configuration.

Step 5. Now back to Mail, Contacts, Calendars settings menu, choose your new Gmail in the Account list. Then slide to Contacts ti On in order to sync your contacts between Gmail account and iPhone. You will also likely be asked to keep the contacts on phone. Then hit Done to finish the process.

Sync through iTunes.

You can also use iTunes to sync your contacts between your iPhone to Gmail. And these are the steps.
  1. Download and launch iTunes, if you have not.
  2. Connect your iPhone to computer using USB cable.
  3. Launch iTunes open.
  4. Now select the iPhone who is connected in the iTunes then click on Info tab (in right panel).
  5. In Info tab, check on “Sync Address Book Contacts” and then choose “All contacts”, then check to “Sync Google Contacts”
  6. You will be asked to provide your ID and Gmail password, then click OK.
  7. Finally click on Apply button to backup and sync your device contact to Gmail contact list, after the syncing process finished then verify the backup by login to your Gmail account.
Done! You have successfully backed up your iPhone contact data to Gmail.

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