Solutions For Waiting Issue When Downloading App On iTunes

Did you ever experience the waiting problem while trying to install a certain app via iTunes app store? You did, then you are not alone! Some people have that terrible experience -- yes it's terrible -- because the notification just saying "waiting" without us to know whether it's going to finish. So you are simply stuck at waiting horror while downloading an app on iTunes.

Let me give you an illustration if you are told by a friend that there is a great app you should install on your iPhone or iPad, then you follow your friend's suggestion. You immediately launch iTunes app store then search the app, and find it.

Surely the next episode is clicking the "install" to have the app downloaded. And you are presented with an app icon with the "waiting..." word on your home screen indicating the downloading status.

iTunes Download App Stuck At Waiting
You decide to do something else while waiting the download process, like making a conference calling with your friend, etc. However after sometimes, you find out that the app is not downloaded as you think it should be. There is no movement from the blue progress of the icon's app. Still it's "waiting".

The situation could be frustrating like having a bad credit home loan. Right?

But don't worry that's not a big case, people had reported they experience the same. Usually after upgrading to the iOS 6. If you ever visited the Apple forums you will see the heap of complaints from users about this.

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Fix Waiting Issue When Downloading App In iTunes App Store

In this post I am offering you a solutions for the "waiting" issue at iTunes.

  1. Why don't you download the app from your PC via iTunes, and then use the sync feature to transfer the app to your iOS based device.
  2. Or you can also use another solution, by long-tapping on the icon on the home-screen till the icons get shaking. Then delete the "waiting" app to further install it again from iTunes store. (This solution can result of losing a certain settings that are related to the app).
  3. Or, you make a single tap on the app's icon from home screen, this move will pause the download. Then back to iTunes app store, change to "updates" screen then hit "update" in order to continue the download.
  4. Now head to Settings -> iTunes & App Store then tap your Apple ID to sign-out. Restart your iOS based device, back to Settings -> iTunes app store then re-sign-in. Then tap the waiting icon for updating the application.
You can choose one of the solutions above that works for you. If you have a solution that proven work why not sharing it via the comment area. I will add your solution here.

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