Restore Downgrade iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPad 3 On iOS 5.x To iOS 5.x UsingRedSn0w 0.9.15b1 For Windows

We know that downgrading iOS firmware to the lower version it's not really an easy task these day, since the Apple has been doing what it can to prevent such activity by keep updating their security and close the every possible doors for hackers to get in.

Albeit it's hard, but doesn't mean it's an impossible because there is always a shortcoming in every computing system, they are waiting in the hidden place to be found. The same case found in downgrading iOS running on A5 device.

We are facing trouble in downgrading A5 based devices, the only available chance is to downgrade the version of iOS 5.x to the lower 5.x version on A5 devices. Or even restore it to the same version. Fortunately iPhone Dev Team is finally found loopholes to bring us Redsn0w v0.9.15b1.

However to achieve that, we need to have SHSH blobs of the said firmware saved or else we can forget about restoring or downgrading our existing iOS firmware version. Not only that, for the users who previously updated their iOS version using OTA (Over-The-Air) update they can bury their dream to downgrade.

Keep in mind that Redsn0w's latest version only for A5 devices who are running iOS 5.X firmware, those who have updated to iOS 6 means there is no turning back.

Anyway, in this post I have elaborated the steps for you to restore iPhone 4S, iPad 2 and 3 running on iOS 5.x to iOS 5.X using RedSn0w v0.9.15b1 for Windows.

Downgrade A5 iOS Devices Using RedSn0w v0.9.15b1


Step 1. First thing first, download Redsn0w v0.9.15b1.

Step 2. Extract the Redsn0w zip file you downloaded. Right-click on Redsn0w zip then select "Extract to".

Step 3. Once it's entirely extracted now right click on the redsn0w.exe and then select Run as Administrator option.

Step 4. After Redsn0w is launched now click the button named Extras, then select Even More. Once you are in the Even More then choose Restore button.

Step 5. Now select and click IPSW button to further choose your iOS device firmware that you wish to restore or downgrade to.

You will see now a little popup box from Redsn0w telling you need to plug your iOS device, if you have not, before continue. And also Redsn0w will alert you if you wish to downgrade to the lower version of 5.x you are using.

Step 6. Now when you have done dealing with firmware selection phase, you are going to need to choose SHSH blobs that you either saved in your computer or in Cydia server. After the SHSH blobs selected, then Redsn0w will stitch the files, put your iPhone into recovery mode to further restore your iPhone to the selected firmware version.

Step 7. You have managed to restore or downgrade your A5 device to the iOS 5.X firmware of your choice.

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