Reset And Change Admin Password On Mac OS X (Complete Guides)

Sometime a bad thing happens like forgetting our admin password on Mac OS X, this tragedy is of course ceasing you to use your computer as Administrative role.

Fortunately you can reset / restore your forgotten admin account, and whatever your OS X versions might be -- whether it's OS X 10.10 Yosemite, OS X 10.9 Mavericks, or OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion -- you can reset and change your password to new one.

Not only the admin password that can be reset and changed, you can also do the same toward the user accounts. All the changing can be done when your OS X computer booting from Recovery Partition on your existing Mac OS X version.

And this post is going to walk you through to the entire process of resetting and changing your lost users account on Mac OS, you are invited to get in the tutorial below.

Reset Password Mac OS X

Complete guides to reset and change lost password on Mac OS X

Method 1. Reset Mac OS X password from boot into recovery partition.
  1. Now reboot to Recovery Drive by simply selecting Apple menu -> Restart, then press and hold command + r buttons from your keyboard during the restart, and release the buttons when you see the start up screen. An OS X Utilities screen will appear when your computer boots successfully. See the image below.
    Mac OS X Utilities Screen
  2. Now you need to head to Utilities menu to further choosing Terminal.
    Change Password Mac OS X
  3. Inside the terminal blank page, you need to type the following command resetpassword followed with hitting Enter.
    To Reset Mac OS X Password
  4. Now you will be presented to an interface just like the above image that requires you select and write down things needed, like selecting your Mac OS X disk name, an exact user that needs new password, then write the new password twice and also the password hint for future reference in case you forget it again. Once you have all the required forms set, just hit the Save button.
Method 2. Reset Mac OS X password from Users & Groups.

The second could be the easier way compared the above, you can perform the password resetting directly form your OS X System Preferences, however this method will not work if you don't know your old password, that's bad. But worry not I will tell you trick to get your old password. Here are the steps.
  1. Now launch System Preference and then go to Users & Groups tab.
    Reset Password Mac OS Via User Group
  2. Choose your admin account-> Change Password… and now type your new and old password.
We should stop from this, and continue to the next method which is method 3. The third method is definetly related to method 2, just keep reading.

Method 3. Reset Mac OS X password using Apple ID.

When first time you bought a Mac OS started from Lion and later, you will be asked to enter your Apple ID when accessing OS X Setup Assistant. When the ID is entered, you can further select Allow my Apple ID to reset this user's password option while Create your Computer Account.

Entering the Apple ID during setup your OS X Assistant is not an obligation task. Therefore there's a change you didn't enter it. If that's the case, you can follow the guides below. The following guides is for those who didn't enter Apple ID or have already have user accounts registered on Mac.
  1. Go to System Preference, then select Users & Groups.
  2. To tie your Apple ID to your OS X machine, simply choose the Apple ID:"Set..." button and then enter your Apple ID information, then continue with clicking the Create Apple ID...You will then have a new Apple ID.
  3. Choose this option; Allow user to reset password using Apple ID box. (Keep in mind if you set FileVault 2 enabled then you won't see the option.)
To reset your OS X user password with your Apple ID

As we know if we repetitively enter incorrect password for three times on login window, we will get a message saying that we can reset our password using Apple ID if we forget the password. Therefore click the arrow-in-a-circle icon to shows the Reset Password option. Then enter your existing Apple ID to begin the process.

Just in case.

Sometimes the reset password option (if your forgot your password, you can reset it using Apple ID) doesn't appear albeit you have incorrectly enter your password for three times. So if this is your problem, then you can go to these steps.
  1. Launch User and Groups preferences.
  2. Then remove the existing Apple ID of yours there.
  3. And re-enter the Apple ID back. That should fix the problem. (This problem appears after upgrading from Mac OS X 10.6 to Lion).
And the above actions can be used to assist you following the method 2 to reset password using User and Groups.


Each time we change the user account password, the process will also create a keychain. The keychain from your previous password is still there and can be accessed if you suddenly remember your forgotten password this should be useful.

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