Potent Tips To Avoid Fast Battery Draining On iPhone

Potent tips to avoid fast battery draining on iPhone. Again, the release of the new iOS causes the rapid battery drain on iPhone. Yes you are right, the iOS I mean is iOS 7 that's released last week reported by many users sucking their battery life badly.

Albeit, Apple has not launched an official explanation on this, like the culprit or how to fix the problem that caused the battery draining.

While waiting for the official fix by Apple, why not we help ourselves. You can follow the steps written on this post to save your iPhone's battery life or at least prevent your device's battery from draining too fast.

How to avoid fast battery draining on iOS iPhone and iPad

1. Disable background refresh
Disable Background App Refresh
iOS 7 allows some apps to refresh themselves albeit you are not using them with background refresh. Since refreshing means taking power of your battery, as the result this background refresh helps to make your battery power sucked. Therefore, I suggest you to disable the background refresh to keep your iOS device's battery last longer.

2. Disable location services
Location Based Service Disable
There is no doubts that many iOS apps equipped with location service features. Instead of increasing the app performance, this feature is in fact taking your iPhone's battery. An app like Mapps need an active services location, but another apps like Facebook and Twitter don't  need it. Therefore turn the location services off on the apps beside Maps.

3. AirDrop
Disable iPhone Airdrop
If you don't use AirDrop too often, it's better to disable this function. AirDrop feature was introduced by Apple for the first time in iPhone when releasing iOS 7, if you use a feature like DropBox, then you need this feature. Don't forget to disable it and your Wifi or Bluetooth if you are not using them. (AirDrop is not available on iPhone 4 or iPhone 4s).

4. 3D wallpaper
Reduce Wallpaper Bright
Apple introduced 3D parallax wallpaper in iOS 7. Its design is indeed makes your home screen looks cooler, yet as the consequence it drains your iPhone's battery. You can deactivate 3D parallax wallpaper via Accessibility -> Reduce Motion -> Off.

The use of more battery power is also happening in dynamic wallpaper. The moving image background and appears awesome is a contributor to drain your battery.
In this occasion I also would like to add another 4 tips to save your iPhone battery life, and if you combine the above tips with these ones will yield very significant changes to your iPhone battery life durability.

4 ways to save iPhone battery life

iPhone is claimed to be the smartphone that has a better battery durability compared with row of Android devices. However that claim need to be proved further to find its validity.

Regardless the validity of the claim, as the high-frequent used smartphone, iPhone is running on the iOS developed by Apple considered as the device that notorious to be a power thirsty device.

But don't worry because there is away for everything, like there is something you can do to save your iPhone battery by simply doing several steps that anyone can do.

You don't even need to download any specific apps to save your battery. Interested? Just keep reading.

4 Ways To Save iPhone Battery Life

Turn off push email feature.
Turn Off Push Email
It's better to let your device "not working". For a while let the push email feature inactive, it's an effective way to save your battery. Yes, there is a consequence you will bear which is unable to receive emails in real time. Therefore avoid this method if you are busy communicating via emails.

But if you don't use email, it's better to turn this feature off to save your iPhone's battery.

Disable local-based services.

Disable the local based service is one of the other methods to save your battery. GPRS feature is notorious to be a hungry battery power eater. If you turn off this service, your iPhone will have life longer battery. Beside you won't go astray to office just because set this service off.

Download via WiFi, not via 3G
Download Via Wifi Not 3G

If you need to download something a big sized of file, like software update, podcast, music, video or anything, it's better using a Wifi network or a Wifi covered area. Because using Wifi to download is faster as the result will save your battery. Beside, a radio circuit on 3G tends to eat your battery life compared with Wifi circuit.

Disable unnecessary notifications
Disable unnecessary notifications
Each time you receive notifications, your iPhone screen will turn on to notify you. Turning on the screen takes a little of your battery life. The more notifications you activated, the more battery power is used. So, only activate some notifications that you really need most.

Hope these 4 ways work to save your iPhone battery life and exactly what you are expecting.

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