Mac Tutorial: Directly Delete Files Without Firstly Put Them In Trash

Just like in OS Windows, in Mac there is a Trash too (recycle bin in Windows) which is a temporary place for files we wish to eliminate for good. When the files are delivered to Trash then we can get rid of them eternally using Empty Trash functionality.

With Trash, you can restore the files in case you suddenly changed your mind. But, usually when we decided to trash a file, means we don't want it anymore. Right?

Therefore, there is a method you can utilize to delete your unused file without firstly being put to trash.

A trash is simply a folder considered special. All files delivered there are of course consuming your hard disk, it's disturbing if we wish to delete a huge file or from external hard disk. Sometimes we forget to Empty Trash it, as the result we experience a slow running system because of lacking of much swap space.

Beside the files we mean to delete are the files we are sure as unused files. Therefore use Delete Now feature to erase the file without firstly deliver it to Trash folder.

Actually Delete Now is a Workflow Automator containing Apple Script and Command Line Interface that can be put inside Services folder.

Delete Files On Mac Without Sent To Trash

How to install Delete Now in Mac

Press these buttons: Command + Shift + G, copy to the following folder.
~” symbol for user Home folder you are using. Make a Services folder, if you don't have it.

Delete Now can be accessed through right-click (secondary click) inside the Services menu. Or via Services menu inside the Finder menu.

Since now you have Delete Now feature and be able to use it, so be wise and be careful when using it. It's recommend to delete files you consider dangerous or big yet unused files that eat your internal storage space.

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