How To Track And Monitor Internet Data Usage On iPhone Or iPad?

These iOS applications can help you monitor your internet data usage on your iPhone, as we know that iPhone is not equipped with a complete data stats or report. This is troubling us in the situation we are in need to view the data's status within our iOS device.

You can directly check your cellular data usage directly from iPhone by going to Settings -> General -> Usage -> Cellular Usage.

But that's not sufficient, the report does accurate and update, yet that is providing a complete report for us.

Therefore, we have no idea on how much data we have used so far. And will it be enough for the next week of usage? Instead of guessing or questioning your current data status. Why don't we solve the problem instead, by keep tracking the internet data usage through accurate and clean reports that easily help us found out the existing data and how much have been used?

In that case you can use DataWiz or My Data Manager, to keep tracking the amount of data usage, these applications are free. iPhone users are able to view the data they have spent and the data is left for them to use.

These kind of apps are of course very useful to those using limited data plan, and we know in most of the users don't opt to unlimited data plan. Good thing is there are many cellular data tracking report apps for iPhone available on the app store that can be used to monitor how much data have been used without us doing a math.

But most of those great apps are paid ones, thus you can give apps like DataMan Next for $0.99, Onavo Extend free for limited time, etc. But DataWiz and My Data Manager are always free for life time, they are considered by many users the best in regard to keep tracking your data usage. Not only DataWiz is also giving you interesting surprise by not including ad like most of other free apps.

Tracks and monitor mobile data usage on iPhone or iPad using apps

DataWiz. Price: Free.

Let’s take a better look at DataWiz and how it works.

You can also make predictions based on the report given by DataWiz. This is exactly a needed application for iPhone users who don't use the unlimited data package.

DataWiz To Track Internet Data Usage On iPhone
The user interface is simply clean, minimal and easy to understand. This app is very useful if you frequently set data cellular enabled by that you can make an accurate prediction of data you consumed by the period of times (montly, weekly and daily caps). However this app doesn't perform well on iPhone that turned the cellular data off.

You can download DataWiz in iTunes for free.

My Data Manager. Price : Free.

My Data Manager app is the second best app I am proudly inform to you in order to keep managing and monitoring the data consumption on your iPhone or iPad.

My Data Manager To Monitors Internet Cellular Data Usage On iPhone
The interface design is amazingly charming and the data usage reports are presented with graphs, charts and even a map. The map is the feature liked most by me with it I can view where I have consumed most bandwidth.

And there is an option too if you like more detailed report by simply use Detailed Mode, you will get a real-time data tracking and other related information about your data usage. But let me tell you that this mode will be consuming your battery power hungrily.

If you are interested with My Data Manager app, you can simply go to its official page on iTunes.

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