How To Remove Facebook Contacts From iPhone

You do love Facebook, don't you? Yes most of us like this social networking website since it offers the easy way to connect with people we know.

As the result many mobile operating systems developers decided to add the Facebook to their OS, one of which is iOS by Apple. Apple is not just making their iOS supports Facebook, it even went far by adding the Facebook contacts to their iPhone device.

Therefore we can see Facebook contacts along with the iPhone contacts, the consequence of it is positive and also negative.

The positive side is now it's easy to be connected with the contacts from Facebook. There is no easier way than this in my opinion.

As for the negative side is now our screen is cluttered with contacts from both Facebook and our iPhone. Some users dislike this, some other are ok.

I am the one who feels it's not ok. Therefore I decided to remove Facebook's contacts from my iPhone. And I will share the steps to do so. Who knows you might need the same.
How To Remove Facebook Contacts From iPhone

How to remove Facebook contacts from iPhone

  • Power on your iPhone.
  • Open Settings app.
  • If you see Facebook, then tap the app.
  • Inside the Facebook application, then search this option; Allow These Apps to User Your Account.
  • Just turn that option OFF.
  • Now you can close the Settings app, also close all the contacts if it's opened in your device's background.
  • Now re-open the contacts app, you won't see the contacts from Facebook now.
Or there is another method, by hiding Facebook contacts from your device. Do so by opening the contacts app then tap on Groups. You will then find Facebook Contacts, then uncheck it. Your Facebook contacts won't be showing up in your iPhone.

That's it you have successfully removed Facebook contacts from iPhone.

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