How To Move iTunes Library To Another Mac Or Windows Computer

How to move iTunes Library from another computer in Mac or Windows. Want to replace your old computer to the new one? Then don't forget to also move your digital contents as well, stuff like musics, videos, apps stored in your iTunes can be transferred to your new computer.

The process is so easy, what it takes only copy the folder. Because Apple has mad it to be so easy friendly procedure for us.

And the good thing is iTunes library can be moved from Mac to Windows computer or otherwise. So you will no longer think twice if each want to buy a new computer. Just replace the old to new, then move the contents to destination computer. Done.

And this post will guide you through the process. If you are ready then we can being. Let's do it.

How to move your iTunes in Mac

In Mac, iTunes Library is stored the Music folder on Home for every Mac account. Within the folder there is iTunes folder, now copy the entire folder to your new computer.

Move iTunes Library To Another Computer
Within your new computer, if you place it on the Music folder, then it will be automatically detected by iTunes. You don't have to do anything, just like nothing is happening.

How to move iTunes in Windows

The location of the Music folder is in.
Migrate iTunes Library To Another Mac Or Windows Computer
Moving the iTunes library in Windows is the same as in Mac. You just need to copy the iTunes folder.

The above step can also be applied to external hard disk. Because iTunes can choose the Library when it's first time launched by pressing the Option button.

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