How To Get Good Sound Quality When Recording Video On iPhone

Probably most of those that record video with their iPhone does not feel the need to improve the sound quality, on the other hand, there is no doubt that many other users eager to use their iPhone to record a higher level video may feel this need. Well, for them we report an article published by iMore that explains precisely how to achieve this.

It 'easy to record and edit videos quickly via iPhone, but get a good sound is not that simple. The microphone works well enough for the audio coming from a close distance, but when you are recording in crowded rooms the result is not always satisfactory.

Here, then, are some tips to avoid a metallic sound or inadequate.
Record Video iPhone With Good Sound
Approach the subject

One of the biggest mistakes that befall novice videographers is to shoot someone who speaks in a crowded room where there is no way to hear the voice clearly. In these situations, the background noise, the echo and external sounds can help to decrease the quality of your video sound. Instead, if you can not use an external microphone, try to come closer to the subject. Your shots may appear a little tight than you want, but your sound will be certainly more satisfying.

Use another iOS device

Of course, if you have the option to use an external microphone, you will not be forced to come closer to the subject. If you have an older iPhone or iPod touch, or if you can borrow it from a friend, you can use it without problems as a external microphone. Use your iPhone to record what happens in the way you want and place the second iDevice near the sound source to be recorded.

If you are performing an interview style video recording, you can also hold it like a microphone or hide it in a pocket. To record the audio your best friend is of course the iPhone native app "Voice Memo" open it on the second iDevice and give the title to the recording you are about to perform. Then you start the video recording on the first iPhone and clap your hands. It 'a good old trick will come in handy later when you will have to synchronize audio and video.

When you have finished recording the video and you'll have a separate track for audio that you can easily import into iMovie on the Mac to sync them or adjust them.

Buy an external microphone

If you need to record something that has a higher quality, you'll need to buy an external microphone. In this case there are a few categories to consider: microphone that can be mounted on the device; microphones equipped with cable and wireless microphones.

Depending on what you plan to record, there are a lot of microphones "on-device" available for your iPhone or iPad. Mighty Mic (which costs about $ 70) is a very good option beside the Mikey Digital Blue (about $ 100), and the Zoom IQ6 (about $ 100); the first is designed to record in motion, while the other two are more for recordings to be made ​​in a single room or to record music.

With respect to the microphones with wire, you could opt for the Movo PM10 (about $ 22), it is a cheap microphone that usually receives positive reviews, or the Rode smartLav + (about $ 78).

Those above are the suggestions from iMore stuff, of course if you know other external microphones that you have used and got a very good impressions of using them. Then don't be shy to share it to us.

Via iMore.

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